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“Who wants to be a Trump lawyer?”

Trump will ask “Where’s my Roy Cohn?”

After reporting on Trump’s new attorney, Evan Corcoran, the search for a full legal team to deal with the panoply of issues facing the former president continues – but the Washington Post believes Trump’s legal firm Trump remains empty.

Trump needs an experienced legal veteran who can handle the issues ahead, especially given the range of issues he faces as a result of the DoJ investigation. Finding a Trump attorney — or even a Trump legal team — is a potential problem.

We may miss Trump family attorney Roy Cohn more than ever. The infamous lawyer who represented the Trump family, among mobsters, moguls and other mavericks, was the man who made the attack his primary defense. Donald Trump said Cohn “brutalised for you”. And he was the perfect lawyer for him – but where is Trump’s atypical lawyer now?

Corcoran and his co-lawyer James Trusty are experienced lawyers but may not be enough for what the president now faces, despite claims they are more than enough for the job ahead.

“The president’s lead attorneys regarding the raid on his home, Jim Trusty and Evan Corcoran, have decades of litigation experience and have argued some of the most complex cases in American history,” the racketeer said. word of Trump, Taylor Budowich. “President Trump is represented by some of the most powerful lawyers in the country, and any suggestion to the contrary is driven only by envy.”

Lawyers who said “no”

Among those who rejected the call to arms are Florida attorney Jon Sale who worked on the Watergate lawsuits but feels he needed more time and that Trump needed someone very experienced in federal prosecutions.

The range of attorneys experienced enough to handle federal lawsuits against a former president is very limited, but the search faces the challenges that Trump provides as a client with considerable difficulty due to his attitude, divisions and his varying attitudes towards taking legal advice.

While representing a former president could make for a legal career, Trump’s reputation as a sometimes nightmarish client can also create hurdles that will be a bridge too far for many lawyers.

Attorney Christina Bobb, a former right-wing One America News host, was present at Mar-a-Lago during the search and signed the list of documents seized and is involved in the search, but has limited experience in federal prosecution material acquired during his work. with a San Diego law firm.

Christina Bob

Bobb has created some consternation on Twitter and in the media regarding the nature of the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago and the security of the allegedly sensitive documents.

Trump’s other attorney currently based in Florida is Lindsey Halligan, whose practice is believed to be based on insurance claims in residential and commercial properties.

His friend and Harvard legal luminary Alan Dershowitz said the post office, “Good lawyers should have worked on this case for months.”

“He needs a big, good, very experienced defense team with business experience.”

Dershowitz said he recommended his Harvard colleague, Ronald S. Sullivan Jr., faculty director of the Harvard Criminal Justice Institute and the Harvard Trial Advocacy Workshop, although Sullivan said he had not heard of it. of the Trump team.

Sullivan had his own opinion on the case. “The case itself presents a series of questions that many good lawyers would be interested in. Some attorneys may reasonably be under the impression that the public will confuse Mr. Trump’s policy goals and positions with those of the attorney. In this way, many lawyers may be reluctant to expose themselves to the public opprobrium that would follow this type of representation.

Two longtime legal advisers to Trump during the Mueller investigation, Jay Sekulow and Jane Raskin, remain close to Trump but are not on his current legal team.

A former lawyer for Trump during the Mueller investigation, Ty Cobb has publicly criticized the former president.

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