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Watson’s attorney believes initial NFL decision will come in June or July

The two looming issues for the Cleveland Browns still have no certainty of having any conclusions any time soon. Related to each other, the acquisition of QB Deshaun Watson with the possibility of him being suspended and the divorce from former QB Baker Mayfield have been the main storylines for the team this offseason.

While few people think Mayfield will be there for the start of training camp, anything is possible at this point.

Many believe, given an agreement between the two attorneys in the civil cases, that Watson’s possible suspension could be delayed until the 2023 season. That sentiment changed last week when the NFL traveled to Houston to meet the quarterback.

Now, according to Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, the league is expected to make a decision before the end of the civil cases:

“We should know what their position is initially in June, and then everyone will figure out if there’s going to be a hearing on it or if people can work things out, or whatever,” Hardin told by phone on Friday evening. “The only thing that’s certain is that they want to try and do everything this summer – and sooner rather than later in the summer. Beyond that, we don’t really have any dates or possibilities. farms.

Perhaps the most interesting statements are those at the end where Hardin notes a desire to conclude the process this summer.

In the same interview, Watson’s attorney notes that they expect the league to meet the quarterback again.