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Wasn’t Princess Diana’s death an accident? Lawyer breaks silence on ‘unlawful killing’

Wasn’t Princess Diana’s death an accident? Lawyer breaks silence on ‘unlawful killing’

A lawyer appointed by Dodi Fayed’s father to prove the “unlawful murder” of Princess Diana has just broken his silence on the alleged death of the lovebirds.

A leading London lawyer, Michael Mansfield, has finally broken his silence on the deaths of Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed.

For those who don’t know, Michael Mansfield represented Dodi Fayed’s father in his son’s “unlawful murder case”.

He began by telling The Mirror that the two cases can “always be reopened” if new information comes to light that reflects the verdict which has been “lost over the years”.

He reportedly said: “The idea that this is purely and simply a road accident is not correct. So I want to dispel that. The truth eventually surfaces, but someone has to seek it out for it to happen.

“I don’t think this is a ‘closed case’ by any means. There’s a lot more to come out of this long-term affair, and it will surface somewhere.

During his interview, he also touched on the 2008 inquest and added: “When you ask people what the jury verdict was, they either don’t know or they say it was an accident. But the accident was not the verdict. This is what the police and others would like to be remembered.

“The coroner drafted five options for the jury…the first was unlawful killing originally related to the grossly negligent conduct of the paparazzi.”

“We argued this was not raised on the basis of the evidence because UK police tracked down and ruled out any paparazzi photographers from being in the vicinity of the Mercedes when it approached and entered the tunnel.”

“Through photographs, a diligent officer tracked down every member of the paparazzi there outside the Ritz, and who may have followed the Mercedes to the tunnel and he was able to establish during investigations that none of between them was not at hand.”

” This is a very important point. The coroner accepted these observations and the paparazzi were removed from this option. This was replaced with the words “following vehicles”. The jury returned a verdict of unlawful killing, not an accident, based on two elements… the grossly negligent driving of the driver of the Mercedes and that of the “following vehicles”.

“Questions remain as to whether this was a staged accident as the princess herself predicted. I can’t wait for that to be cleared up. There were other vehicles at inside the tunnel.

“More importantly, a black sedan in front was slowing / blocking the progress of the Mercedes and a motorcycle behind was chasing the Mercedes.