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Reading remains a part of your life even after you finish law school. However, reading does not only include books on learning and development. Make sure you have books on your reading list that provide personal downtime, personal growth, career inspiration, and career management, allowing you to balance how you spend your free time.

1. Resurrection of Leo Tolstoy

Resurrection is not as well known as War and Peace, but this excellent novel by Tolstoy raises deep questions about the justice of certain laws. Nechlyudov is a noble who seeks redemption from a sin committed years ago. Maslova is a maid with whom he had a brief affair who later turned to prostitution when he fired her. After being charged with murder, she serves her sentence in Siberia, where Nekhlyudov visits her. There, he listens to the stories of other convicts, slowly realizing how much aristocratic life protects him and his peers from the oppression, cruelty, and misery of others. The importance of the Resurrection is proof that a justice system without humanity and fairness can have terrible consequences.

Renowned American attorney Clarence Darrow had a successful legal career that spanned half a decade defending high-profile clients. He has also written extensively, including books on his cases, works of fiction, plays, films, and television shows.

In The Story of My Life, Darrow wrote about portraying Leopold and Loeb in their murder trial and Professor John Scopes of the famous ‘Monkey’ trial Professor John Scopes in 1925. Additionally, Clarence Darrow’s legal career included the ‘activism. In this book, he describes his motivation to fight against injustice and oppression by helping to establish the rights of unionized workers, exposing the horrors of child labor and exposing the terrible conditions in the coal mines. Make it essential reading if you hope to use your legal career for more than just making money.

3. Marble and the Sculptor: From Law School to Law Practice by Keith Lee

Here is a book that can answer many questions and guide young legal professionals coming out of law school. Lee provides a framework for success with advice on everything from choosing the right college courses to making mistakes you should avoid when looking for your first legal job. There is a chapter on good drafting, which every lawyer needs. Whatever your ideal area of ​​practice or legal career, this book is a great read to help get you there.

Based on the famous 1913 trial of Frank Leo, a Jewish factory manager accused of the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl. His death sentence in Atlanta, Georgia, came after a single person testified in a trial surrounded by a media frenzy and anti-Semitic tensions.

The Governor of Georgia commuted Frank’s death sentence to life in prison due to trial issues, but a lynching mob abducted Frank and killed him. The events surrounding this trial sparked the revival of the Klu Klux Klan and the birth of the Jewish civil rights organization known as the Anti-Defamation League. And the dead will rise does more than look into this famous case; it shows the dangers of mob rule in cases where justice fails.

Legal life seen through the eyes of a grumpy (moody) lawyer and his secretary provides a humorous work of fiction that offers practical advice for coping with the ups and downs. The book’s valuable anecdotal and ironic information includes everything from legal strategies to how a lawyer should dress to be successful. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned lawyer, this book can help you become better. Read this book for laughs and guidance on a stressful day.

Attorney Louis Nizer writes about his involvement in some of the most prominent trademark, copyright and defamation cases in the United States. His engaging writing makes this book easy to read as it divulges the legal strategies and tactics used to fight these complex cases. In the book, Nizer’s section on defamation cases is sobering, and he highlights the harm done when someone deliberately tries to harm another person’s character.

Law school prepares you to research, write, and think like a lawyer, but the experience teaches you so much more. Karen Thalacker uses this book to share some valuable advice to help you get through tough times, deal with demanding clients, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Another book that bridges law school and the practice of law is this timeless 1999 masterpiece. The book is fun and easy to read, and all of its advice is extremely encouraging. Learn about workplace etiquette, research, managing your workload, writing memos, dealing with clients, and working with superiors. This survival guide belongs in every lawyer’s library.

Besides being a well-known lawyer, Gerry Spence knows the importance of communication if you want to become a better lawyer. Discover the importance of seeing things from the perspective of others and of listening. From the book, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively and persuasively, stay credible, and understand bias.

Read the story of Josef K, a person arrested and prosecuted by a distant and distant authority. The nature of his crime is never known to Josef or the reader. The trial is essential reading for law students who need to understand what can happen when the rule of law is ignored, especially by authorities. These themes apply to both administrative law and criminal law.

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