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Three jailed for 19-34 months for ‘colluding’ with lawyer during Causeway Bay protest

Three people were jailed between 19 and 34 months on Friday for ‘colluding’ with a lawyer who tried to stop protesters from blocking roads and destroying shops during an anti-National Security Law protest he two years ago.

Truck driver Tong Kin-pong, 33, Yue Wai-lun, 27, Cheng Hok-ming, 25, and Owen Wong Ho-wan, 17, were charged with rioting and assaulting the lawyer Chan Tze-chin to cause grievous bodily harm between Leighton Road and Caroline Hill Road on May 24, 2020.

After reaching a plea bargain with the prosecution, Yue, Cheng, and Wong pleaded guilty to participating in an unlawful assembly and intentionally injuring.

Tong initially pleaded not guilty, but admitted to participating in riots and being intentionally injured after the court ruled he had a case to answer.

In the district court on Friday, Deputy Judge Daniel Tang Siu-hung jailed Tong for 34 months, Yue for 25 months and Cheng for 19 months. Tang also sent Wong to a training center.

During sentencing, Judge Tang said the protesters’ actions that day disturbed the public and wasted taxpayers’ money. The defendants’ crimes also encouraged others to behave violently.

He was very happy that attorney Chan did not become disabled as a result of the incident, where he was outnumbered, and no one offered to help, Tang added.

At the time, Chan was threatened with being beaten to death if he dared to call the cops. He was bleeding profusely and had suffered several stitches on his body.

Tang continued that the defendants were not so cruel and brutal in nature and told them to keep their heads up and contribute to society after serving their prison term.