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‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Episode 8: Mickey Haller Shows Class in Shattering the Prosecution

Spoilers for episode 8 of “The Lincoln Lawyer”

The first day of the trial was 50-50 for both sides. The prosecution gave a catchy opening statement while Haller kept it short and sweet. With regard to the interrogation, the prosecution relied on what they had in their hands and on all the reports concerning the case. Meanwhile, Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) tried hard to dismiss them by providing facts.

Just as he questioned a police officer who handcuffed him without even arresting the suspect and his colleague who pulled out a weapon when it was not necessary. But the second day proved very damaging for Haller because Lara’s close friend Sonia Patel and the forensic researcher damaged the case for him. He ripped the expert to pieces when he said his previous report had been thrown out of the case due to absurd findings.


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It became very difficult for Haller to defend Trevor (Christopher Gorham) because they had “bullet residue” on his client. But Haller had an idea and he visited the place where Jerry was last seen. He discovered that the police had a facility to service the vehicle and he hit the jackpot. He got the video of Eli Wyms getting arrested and told Lorna and Cisco to find the guy in the video.

When they returned to court, he continued to show the video of Wyms’ arrest to each witness. The prosecution had no idea of ​​the relevance. The guy in the video was brought to court and the police vehicle number was 112. The video showed Eli Wyms being arrested after firing 90 rounds at police. When he called senior forensic expert Dr Tan to the witness box, he asked him how can someone be exposed to GSR if they have never held a weapon at fire ? She said it can happen by transfer, which means the person must have touched something or someone who had GSR on them.

Michael Graziadei as Golantz in “The Lincoln Lawyer” (Netflix)

He replayed the video of Wyms being pulled over, then he replayed the video of Trevor being pulled over, the vehicle number was the same (112). With the police car repairman confirming that they had not cleaned the car from the inside, it was claimed that Trevor had obtained the GSR from the back seat of the vehicle where Wyms was sitting hours earlier.

Dr. Tan supported what Trevor said and for the first time Haller and Trevor won.

However, the episode ended with Trevor telling her that he had to testify because he also had to get his name out in the public eye. Haller doesn’t want that and now finds himself in a dilemma.

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