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‘The Good Doctor’ Spinoff ‘The Good Lawyer’ with Woman at ABC – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: After developing a long-running popular procedural drama, The recruitwith a spinoff planted for next season, ABC is looking to do it for another, the good doctor with an embedded episode. I hear the network is developing legal offshoot The good lawyer of the good doctor studio-based executive producers/co-showrunners David Shore and Liz Friedman, Sony Pictures TV and Shore Z Prods. ABC Signature is a co-producer.

As with the Nathan Fillion with The recruitFreddie Highmore’s spin-off starring the good doctor will have a female lead role and will be featured as a backdoor pilot during the good doctorthe upcoming sixth season, I hear. Representatives for ABC and Sony TV declined to comment, and deals are still being worked out.

According to the sources, two characters from The good lawyer the main role Joni as well as Janet, will appear in episode 613 of the good doctor, with the roles currently airing. (The next series The rookie: the Fedsstarring Niecy Nash, is originally a two-episode backdoor pilot on The recruit last spring.)

Sony Pictures Television/Tori McCaleb/AP

Written by Shore and Friedman, The good lawyer will focus on Joni, a woman in her twenties who struggles with OCD but is a brilliant lawyer and becomes the defense attorney for Dr. Shaun Murphy (Highmore) who finds himself in legal trouble.

Relatively new to her high-end law firm, Joni, who is funny, enthusiastic, self-aware and a bit anxious, is part of Shaun’s (Highmore) legal defense team. Despite attending law school and a bar exam, Joni’s OCD symptoms take a heavy toll on her personal and professional life. Living with OCD, Joni has never wanted to be treated differently and is often embarrassed by her symptoms. She is a great lawyer, using her attention to detail, compulsive overthinking and analytical skills as a superpower, but was forced to threaten to sue the firm (for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act) when they tried to fire her because of her. particular behaviors. The role is listed as open to all ethnicities and abilities.

Armed with a fierce intellect and a dry, rapier wit, Janet is a much-loved attorney and partner at the firm. A seasoned veteran, Janet has represented Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) in several legal cases over the past 30 years; so Glassman turns to her to represent his protege Shaun (Highmore). Having seen it all, Janet developed a cynical side, which contributed to her attempt to fire Joni. But when Shaun declares that he wants Joni to represent him, Janet is forced to give Joni the rope to eventually hang them both.

While Janet and Joni look like the mentor-mentee duo of Glassman and Shaun on the good doctorthe dynamic between the two characters is very different, at least initially.

Friedman’s director produces The good lawyer alongside Shore and Erin Gunn who produce for Shore Z. Sony TV and ABC Signature, who co-produce the good doctoralso co-produce The good lawyer.

Expansion the good doctor has been a focus for ABC, which has done so for its other long-running dramas with procedural elements, Grey’s Anatomy (with Station 19) and The recruit (with The rookie: the Feds.) The network and Sony TV are believed to have already explored a potential spinoff centered on popular original cast member Antonia Thomas’ Dr. Claire Browne, working for Doctors Without Borders, which was set up in the latest episode. of Thomas as a series regular in 2021. Taking a legal route with The good lawyer gives producers a clear procedural structure, which is very appealing to broadcast networks these days, as these drama series tend to be the best when it comes to linear viewing.

In an interview with Deadline last year, former Sony TV Studios president Jeff Frost discussed a potential the good doctor spin off.

“I think it’s always a possibility; it’s something we’d like to see happen,” he said. “Obviously we don’t want to do anything that could impact the mothership, but at the same time we think there’s potential for it.”

Sony TV has extended two more long-running broadcast series, The Goldbergs and The black listin franchises with spin-off series, Schooled and The Blacklist: Redemptionrespectively, and currently does so with its premium streaming/network hit dramas The boys and Foreign as spin-off talk also surrounds the studio’s hit Netflix comedy Cobra Kai.

In a potential precursor to an expansion that would require more manpower at the top, long The good doctor Executive producer Friedman in May was named co-showrunner for Season 6 alongside series developer and executive producer Shore, who had served as showrunner for the past five seasons.

The good lawyer is an original concept like korean drama the good doctor, which was adapted for the United States by Shore, had no spin-offs. The legal drama draws parallels with Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo, a new Korean series, which is attracting a large audience for Netflix. It centers on a young woman with autism out of law school who joins a large law firm and tries to fit in.

I hear The good lawyer was already under construction when Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo debuted earlier this summer. Moreover, while The Good Doctors Shaun Murphy has savant syndrome, which puts him on the autism spectrum, The good lawyer shouldn’t involve autism, but rather a protagonist with OCD detective ala Adrian Monk.

The good lawyer is the second high-profile hour-long legal series starring a woman in her 20s that ABC is considering for next season, along with a Ally McBeal sequel, which is currently in development.

Friedman is replaced by CAA and attorney Jeannie Newman at Hansen, Jacobson & Teller and Newman. Shore is replaced by CAA, The Shuman Co. and Edelstein, Laird & Sobel.