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Texas lawyer banned from Louisiana bar for overstepping his practice

A Texas attorney will be barred from seeking admission to the Louisiana bar for more than a year after filing a petition in a Louisiana court case without seeking admission pro hac vice, according to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Travis Mitchell Hill, who is licensed to practice in Texas but not Louisiana, filed a motion to transfer a case from Louisiana to Texas in April 2020. He then received a letter from a National District Court Commissioner and admitted not being a member of the Louisiana bar.

The official then hit Hill with a disciplinary complaint, and Hill responded by saying he was looking to bring a case to Texas to make a name change for a child. On November 16, 2020, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel filed formal charges, to which Hill has not responded.

The Disciplinary Board determined that Hill knowingly violated ethics rules by making an official appearance in the Louisiana litigation without requesting or receiving temporary admission. The board recommended that Hill be barred for a year and a day from seeking admission to the Louisiana bar or applying to temporarily practice in the state.

The Louisiana Supreme Court upheld that finding on Tuesday, saying the case law supports such a penalty. The state high court likened the situation to misconduct by non-Louisiana attorneys and crafted the penalty accordingly.

Court documents do not identify the attorney in the case.

Case is In re Hill, Louisiana, No. 2021-B-1616, 08/02/22.