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Seema Kushwaha: Delhi, Hathras rape lawyer says he saw how Dalits were oppressed

Supreme Court lawyer Seema Kushwaha, who joined the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) last week said the 2020 Hathras gang rape and murder case is an example of how Dalits continue to be oppressed. As a lawyer, Kushwaha has represented the families of Hathras victim and Delhi gang rape victim in 2012.

The 39-year-old is likely to receive a BSP ticket in the upcoming UP Assembly polls. “We are happy to welcome her to the party and always want people like her, who work for the marginalized without thinking about profit and loss, to join us,” said BSP spokesman Faizan Khan. . The Indian Express.

Kushwaha first came to prominence representing the family of the victim of the Delhi gang rape from 2014 and demanding capital punishment for the accused. She decided to represent the victim of Hathras after the Allahabad High Court learned suo motu of the hasty burial of the girl’s body by the district administration.

“Till date, the UP government has been unwilling to compensate the family for the manner in which they were cremated. Through the incident and what followed, we can see how the Dalit community is suppressed “, she said.

Born in the village of Ugarpur into a farming family, Kushwaha says she was the first girl in her village to study beyond grade 8. “There is still no primary school in my village and when I insisted on studying beyond class 8, a small outfit in the village…Since then, I have dreamed of going into politics.My goal is to work for more women to join politics and for me to can contribute to both policy development and implementation,” she said.

The families of the Hathras and Delhi victims said Kushwaha’s decision to join politics had nothing to do with the cases she fought.

“We learned the news from the Internet. She didn’t tell us, but that’s fine. She is in regular contact with us about the case. We believe her and talk to her every week. There has been a delay in the case as many witnesses are being interviewed,” the Hathras victim’s younger brother said.

The Delhi gang rape victim’s father said: “Seema worked with us for a long time as a junior lawyer in our case. She was part of a big support system for us. But we have nothing to do with politics.