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Scranton School Board appoints attorney to serve as temporary director of special education

Sept. 13 – SCRANTON – Unable to find a qualified special education director, the Scranton School District will turn to its law firm for help.

Principals voted 8 to 1 Monday night to appoint Glenna Hazeltine as acting department head, agreeing to pay law firm King Spry $850 a day for her services. Hazeltine, a special education attorney and former teacher and administrator, will work full-time for the district and report to the superintendent. The Bethlehem Law Firm may also charge the district up to $200 per day for mileage, meals, or lodging.

Since Sharon Baddick announced her resignation over the summer, the district has been scrambling to recruit her replacement. His salary was $116,150 last year.

As districts across the country face a shortage of educators, Superintendent Melissa McTiernan said Scranton will continue to seek qualified applicants. Attorney John Freund worked with the district to find a temporary solution.

“We make sure we have the right person for the right job,” said manager Sean McAndrew, chairman of the personnel committee.

In other cases:

Robert DeLuca, principal of West Scranton High School, will become director of leadership and accountability. He replaces Jacob Sholtis, who was appointed in February and took a job with the Dallas School District. DeLuca will earn $117,311.

Renee Stevens will become principal of West Scranton High School, with a salary of $101,618. Angela Keating will become manager of West Scranton Intermediate, earning a salary of $96,365. She replaces Danyel Boyce, now director of Old Forge.

The board updated Robert Morris Elementary’s renovation budget to include a potential elevator. The total renovation project could cost $9.6 million.

Faced with nursing shortages and higher workloads, the district will contract with Interim Home Healthcare to retain up to four licensed practical nurses to assist with COVID-related duties. The cost, covered by federal pandemic assistance, will be $213,840.

With the district unable to find personal care assistants, Scranton will also use temp staffing. The district will pay the company $26.95 per hour for PCAs and $43 per hour for skilled nursing services.

Officials thanked families for sticking to new rules this school year, including wearing transparent or mesh backpacks, and adhering to the more strictly enforced dress code. “It allows us as teachers to immediately focus on academics,” said Northeast Middle School teacher Holly Meade.

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