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Ruling against earthquake lawyer Grant Cameron overturned

Christchurch lawyer Grant Cameron has had a Dispute Tribunal decision overturned.


Christchurch lawyer Grant Cameron has had a Dispute Tribunal decision overturned.

Prominent Christchurch earthquake lawyer Grant Cameron has successfully appealed a Dispute Tribunal order requiring him to reimburse a client’s costs.

In 2020, the court ordered Cameron and his law firm, GCA Lawyers, to pay $6,000 to Bromley’s wife, Mandy Fraser, who hired the firm in an insurance dispute over his wife’s damaged home. late mother.

At a later rehearing, the court dismissed Fraser’s case, overturning its previous decision.

The court arbitrator said the fees had not been shown to be unreasonable and there was no reason to reimburse them.

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“My conclusion is that Mr. Cameron, far from neglecting his obligations to Ms. Fraser, went to great lengths to examine her case closely and provide her with his findings, based on his experience and judgement,” the statement said. arbitrator in a written decision.

“I consider he did this with his best interests in mind. The fact that she disliked or disagreed with his opinions does not mean that his work was not done with reasonable care and skill. »

The decision also said Cameron’s conduct showed “diligence and concern, not negligence”, and that he took appropriate action and used his best judgment to help his client.

“He gave her clear and thoughtful advice, and explained the reasons for the advice he gave.”

Cameron had not been present at the original Dispute Tribunal hearing.

In today’s dollars, New Zealand has experienced 13 natural disasters that have cost insurers more than $60 million in claims.