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Reject vote buying, incitement, lawyer urges voters

Ahead of Saturday’s gubernatorial election in Ekiti State, Ondo State-based jurist Morakinyo Ogele advised voters to avoid the act of selling their votes to politicians on the day elections.

He alleged that the ruling All Progressives Congress planned to get involved in the vote-buying act and called on the people of the state to reject the act.

He said the APC had failed the people of the state for the past four years and did not deserve to stay in power.

The lawyer made this allegation in an open letter to the Ekiti people. The letter was made available to our correspondent in Akure, the capital of Ondo State, on Monday. It was titled “Letter to the Ekiti people”.

According to him, the current administration would have destroyed the state. He asked the people to elect the ruling party on Saturday.

The letter read, “We must watch carefully to see what is currently happening in Ekiti State on how the current government has founded our beloved state. It is no defamatory statement that the non-functional APC government in Ekiti state is an accidental dump that produced the government in the state.

“The state has become a dynasty of emirates where APC wields its stooges in a relay race to whoever they think can dance to the rhyme of their music. The APC staged a masquerade and dodgy governor’s convention and selected a candidate nominated by the former governor, signed sealed and handed over to Fayemi.

“Government has monetized politics in Ekiti which is now a cash and carry business hence they could not meet the financial obligation for infrastructure provision as the party is daily declining due of his confused handling of Ekiti’s affairs.

“My investigation so far has revealed that APC is coming in with firepower and money, coercing and buying votes. People are wondering how the APC candidate for the June election paid 50 million naira at their party headquarters in Abuja, a man whose salary does not exceed 500,000 naira a month as a former government secretary of Ekiti State.

“The years of APC government have been years of locusts and termites, state employees are suffering, pensioners are dying for non-payment of their pensions, but the government is ready to buy votes for the elections of 18 June 2022”.

He urged people to go out and vote for the Social Democratic Party candidate in the elections, saying, “We are tired of the dynasty government in Ekiti State.”