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The day will begin with opening remarks from the co-chairs, after which participants will move on to the first panel discussion of the conference. There, panelists will discuss the impact of the increasingly popular trend of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues on labor laws in the region. General Council speakers will offer valuable insights into how companies can establish a system to track their progress in achieving ESG goals and how diversity and inclusion training can be effectively implemented. .

After an interval of refreshments, the speakers will give the floor to delegates to participate in a workshop where they can share their ideas and experiences on retaining young talent in the post-pandemic climate. The latest generation of lawyers have career aspirations that go far beyond a competitive salary, such as professional development and employers with strong social responsibility ethics. Participants are invited to discuss how they are adapting to these ever-changing needs and the strategies they are adopting to attract and retain young talent in the current environment.

The next round table will take place after a networking lunch and will focus on the impact of the main labor reforms in the region on the job market. As Peru, Chile and Mexico all undergo legislative changes, speakers will examine the wider implications for the rest of the region, while discussing how Colombia’s new leftist government could create new challenges.

In the final keynote of the day, speakers will discuss how digital platforms for workers, such as the US app Glassdoor, are contributing to an increase in employee activism, both in the workplace and in line. The co-chairs will end the day with closing remarks on the topics discussed throughout the day.