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Personal Injury Lawyer at Nordean Law Seeks Justice for Those Injured and Obtains Fair Compensation from Insurance Companies

Nordean Law is committed to defending the rights of those injured by the negligence of others. It focuses on establishing liability for insurance companies and large corporations that might otherwise convince injury victims to settle for less compensation.

According to ads published by Nordean Law and Sam Nordean, the Orange County personal injury attorney at this law firm has a reputation for fighting for the underdog against powerful insurance companies, trucking companies and businesses that refuse to accept responsibility for negligence that has injured a customer.

People injured in road accidents do not know how to quickly obtain fair compensation. They may not even know what constitutes acceptable and fair compensation, and insurance companies try to take advantage of this ignorance to force the injured party to settle for a lower amount. The Orange County auto accident attorney at Nordean Law knows California personal injury law related to auto accident claims and what insurance companies do to evade liability to settle a claim fairly.

These Orange County attorneys are experienced in trial law and negotiate aggressively. Their primary concern is the best interests of an injured client who will likely need funds to meet medical bills, compensate for loss of income and earning capacity, etc.

Once hired, the legal team at Nordean Law investigates a car accident to identify the cause of the accident. He collects evidence to establish responsibility. The team works with medical experts to understand the extent of a client’s injuries so they can prepare a case for an appropriate claim amount. He investigates the claim and conducts all negotiations with insurance companies on behalf of the client. Nordean Law offers a free case assessment, and once hired, does not stay until all compensation possibilities have been thoroughly tested.

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Sam Nordean of Nordean Law said: “An accident caused by negligence – in heavy traffic, on unsafe property, in a nursing home – can be the beginning of the end for many people. Medical debt, lost wages, and pain from surgery and therapy cause victims and families to lose hope. If this has happened to you and those struggles have gotten too much, we can help – at Nordean Law, a leading personal injury attorney in Orange County.

Sam Nordean has been an attentive and effective personal injury attorney, such as an auto accident attorney and wrongful death attorney, for years in Orange County. As its many grateful customers can attest, its strengths are many. They include representation after motor vehicle accidents, premises liability accidents, abuse and neglect in nursing homes, and fatal accidents that constitute wrongful death.

Some car accident cases can be settled without a lawyer. After reviewing your case, we provide an honest assessment of your legal options. If we think you don’t need our help, we’ll tell you and explain why.

However, most accident victims benefit from hiring an auto accident attorney in Orange County, California. Victims of accidents with a lawyer often recover more than if they had not retained the services of a lawyer to represent them. Here’s why. Insurance companies have a team of investigators, adjusters, lawyers and insurance professionals to protect the best interests of the business. Of course, the interest of the company is to limit the value of your car accident claim.

Facing a seasoned, experienced and aggressive professional team without an attorney could lose your car accident case. If you receive money for your claim, your amount could be much less than the value of your damages.

It is always best to speak with our lawyer about your case during a free case review. However, many factors could complicate a car accident case, making it much more difficult to obtain a fair settlement.

About the company:

Nordean Law is a trusted personal injury law firm serving Orange County. Sam Nordean has successfully represented victims of motor vehicle accidents, nursing home abuse and neglect, medical malpractice, and more. The law firm’s services are provided on a contingency fee basis to ease the financial stress of injury victims.

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