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Pasadena Resident Dodger Pitcher Trevor Bauer Sues Woman and Lawyer Over False Assault Story – Pasadena Now

Trevor Bauer on Monday filed a libel suit against the San Diego woman who he says falsely accused her of sexual misconduct, leading to widespread reports that the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher had a fractured bone the skull during sexual intercourse.

Bauer alleges the woman pursued spurious criminal and civil charges against him, made “false and malicious” statements and generated “a media blitz” based on her allegations, according to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles. Angeles.

The lawsuit also names the woman’s attorney, Fred Thiagarajah, for his alleged efforts to help the woman “destroy Mr. Bauer’s reputation and baseball career, draw attention to herself and extract millions from dollars” from Bauer, according to the lawsuit.

A message seeking comment sent to Thiagarajah after normal business hours did not receive an immediate response.

The lawsuit says that although a Los Angeles Superior Court judge dismissed the woman’s assault allegations and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office deemed the charges “unworthy of criminal prosecution, the damage caused to Mr. Bauer were extreme”.

Bauer’s attorneys allege that the woman and Bauer met in person twice at her Pasadena home for the purpose of having sex.

“On their first sexual encounter, after discussing (the woman’s) sexual preferences, they engaged in consensual rough sex,” according to the lawsuit.

The complaint alleges that after their first sexual encounter, the woman continued to pursue Bauer, “so that she could again have rough sex with him, but this time she told Mr. Bauer that she wanted a rougher sexual experience Unbeknownst to Mr. Bauer, who believed that (the woman) was merely expressing her sexual preferences, (her) goal was to induce Mr. Bauer to have a rougher sexual experience so that she can later claim that this sexual experience was not what she asked for and thus lay the groundwork for a financial settlement.

Bauer alleges that to enact his plan, the woman told him “unequivocally” that she was interested in having even rougher sex on a second occasion, “communicating in explicit and detailed manner the sexual experience that she desired,” the suit reads.

“During their second sexual encounter, the two men again engaged in consensual rough sex involving the rough sex acts she (she) requested,” the lawsuit alleges.

Two days later, the woman filed a false police report in which she accused Bauer of sexually assaulting her and engaging in sexual activity without her consent, according to the lawsuit.

The story quickly became media fodder.

In a separate lawsuit, Bauer is suing a sports website and one of its former writers, alleging in federal court in Los Angeles that he was defamed when they reported he fractured the woman’s skull during of a sexual relationship.

Bauer accused The Athletic and former editor Molly Knight of “creating and spreading the false narrative” of the alleged attack, according to the March 30 defamation complaint.

The alleged victim was granted a temporary restraining order against Bauer last June, but two months later a judge denied the woman’s request for a five-year extension to the order, saying evidence shows Bauer never exceeded the limits that the accuser herself had set for sex. met.

In February, prosecutors declined to press charges against the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner after investigating the woman’s allegations that he physically assaulted her during two sexual encounters.

The Athletic reported last June that “there were signs of a basilar skull fracture,” citing a statement from the woman, according to the lawsuit.

Bauer, 31, argues in the lawsuit that the CT scan results included in the medical records attached to the woman’s statement – which The Athletic had – “definitely concluded that she had ‘no acute fracture’.”

Sporting representative Taylor Patterson said: “We are confident in our reporting and plan to defend ourselves against the claim.”

Bauer previously filed a libel suit in New York against sports news website Deadspin and its editor, claiming the outlet “knowingly published false information” regarding the assault allegations.

The complaint said Deadspin quoted The Athletic in reporting that Bauer fractured the woman’s skull, but The Athletic corrected its story before Deadspin released its report.

Bauer was placed on administrative leave by the Dodgers in early July. He still faces possible discipline from Major League Baseball, and his future with the Dodgers remains cloudy.

Bauer signed a three-year contract with the Dodgers in February 2020, worth $102 million, including $40 million this season, which would be the highest single-season salary in baseball history. .

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