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Orange County Workers’ Compensation Claims Attorney Outlines Workers’ Compensation Claims That May Qualify Under Workers’ Compensation Law

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County, an Orange, California-based law firm, has published a blog post outlining the types of injuries covered by California workers’ compensation law. The Orange County workers’ compensation claims attorney explains that any illness or injury resulting from employment may eventually qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Three types of injuries are listed in California workers compensation law. They are: a particular injury that occurs a definable event; a cumulative traumatic injury resulting from repetitive work activities that result in minor strain over time; and cumulative exposure injury resulting from continued exposure to toxic chemicals, such as cleaning chemicals and supplies in a manufacturing environment. Those with a workers’ compensation claim can consult with an attorney like Alexander D. Napolin to learn about their legal rights and whether their condition qualifies for workers’ compensation.

Alexander D. Napolin, Founder of Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County, says, “If an injured worker requires medical attention or is unable to work due to one of the types of injuries recognized above, then they may claim to workers’ compensation benefits. When the employer has valid workers’ compensation insurance, the employee is excluded from suing their employer in civil court for personal injury. Instead, the employee is limited to the benefits provided through a workers’ compensation claim. Fortunately, these benefits apply even in the absence of negligence and therefore provide a safety net for all workers in California. Damage to personal property is not a recognized type of injury. Therefore, claims for damage to personal property can be brought in civil court.

Specific injuries are caused by a single exposure or incident that results in disability or the need for treatment. There are different types of specific injuries that may be covered by workers’ compensation. They are: slips and falls; fires causing burns; car accidents; falls from elevated platforms; objects falling from a raised curb; electrocution; and machine runover incidents.

When it comes to cumulative trauma, there are also a number of common types, according to the California Workers’ Compensation Attorney. These are injuries caused by repetitive physical or mental activities that extend over a period of time, disability or the need for treatment. The time period need not be long. Cumulative trauma can occur over several hours or a single day. These include: the constant use of hands in manufacturing which has resulted in carpal tunnel, arthritis and other hand injuries; moving and picking up heavy objects over time, leading to knee, back or shoulder problems; regular exposure to stress that results in a heart attack; going up or down ladders that cause joint problems; wearing heavy equipment over time that eventually leads to orthopedic injuries that may require surgery; and driving all the time or using heavy equipment that leads to lower back problems; and more.

There are also a number of types of cumulative exposure injuries, or so-called occupational diseases. Occupational illnesses or disorders result from exposure to certain job-related environmental factors, such as chronic and acute illnesses resulting from absorption, ingestion, direct contact or inhalation. These are: lung cancer resulting from exposure to asbestos; hearing loss due to regular exposure to loud noise; and HIV where exposure to bodily fluids and blood increases the risk of acquiring HIV infection.

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