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Opinions March 2, 2022 – The Indiana Advocate

Indiana Court of Appeals
Rhonda R. Parkevich v. Indiana State (dec. brief)
Criminal. Upholds and reverses in part Rhonda R. Parkevich’s order to pay restitution following her conviction for felony robbery 6. Finds that Parkevich has waived her right to challenge her ability to pay the restitution ordered, and the Court Cass’ superior did not err in determining that she had the ability to pay. Also finds that the trial court abused its discretion by failing to fix the mode of payment and awarding compensation for a loss which is not the direct and immediate result of the infringement in this case. Remands with instructions to impose restitution in the amount of $36,632, to determine a schedule of payment and to fix the amount of the payments.

In the termination of the parent-child relationship of: KB and OB (minor children) and RB (father) v. Indiana Department of Children’s Services (Dec. Mem.)
Juvenile breach of parental rights. Confirms the termination of father RB’s parental rights to his children, KB and OB Finds that there is sufficient evidence to show that RB’s continued relationship with the children poses a threat to their well-being and that the termination of parental rights is in the best interests of the children. Also finds that the Juvenile Court’s decision was not manifestly wrong.

Tiffany Goodnight c. Indiana State (dec. brief)
Criminal. Affirms the conviction of Tiffany Goodnight for a class A misdemeanor. Finds sufficient evidence to support Goodnight’s conviction beyond a reasonable doubt.