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Opinions January 7, 2022 – The Indiana Lawyer

The next 7e The Circuit Court of Appeal’s opinion was released after the IL deadline on Thursday:
United States of America v. Larry A. Jones, Jr.
Appeal from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, Fort Wayne Division. Justice Damon R. Leichty.
Criminal. Affirms dismissal of Larry A. Jones Jr.’s motion to remove a firearm found and seized in his motel room, resulting in his conviction for possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. Finds Jones’s consent to the research to be voluntary. Also finds that Jones failed to meet his obligation to show that the scope of consent did not include looking under the bed. Finally, there is nothing to suggest that the district court did not correctly apply the standard of de novo review to each of the conclusions and recommendations proposed by the trial judge.

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Indiana Court of Appeal
Jermaine Dewayne Marshall v. Indiana State
Criminal. Set aside Jermain Dewayne Marshall’s conviction for criminal trespassing as a Class A misdemeanor. Finds Vanderburgh Superior Court denied due process to Marshall, who was incarcerated and represented himself, when she proceeded to trial , even though the defendant had not received all the evidence, affidavits and other documents relating to his case.