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Neymar and Ronaldo’s lawyer discusses Newcastle United World Cup compensation for Bruno Guimaraes

One of Europe’s best-known sports lawyers, David Diaz, has said clubs will be keeping a close eye on their strengths in the unprecedented World Cup in Qatar.

Diaz and his company have represented superstars like Neymar and Ronaldo and have connections around the world. And he gave an insight into FIFA’s plans to deal with top stars during the Qatar World Cup.

Newcastle United are set to receive a share of a £200m payment from FIFA to help compensate the Magpies for losing the services of their stars during the tournament. But it’s a scheme Newcastle need to apply for first and Diaz says some of the funds could go to some of the players’ former clubs.

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Shedding light on the scheme, Diaz, who leads both the employment and compensation law practice and sports law practice for law firm Baker McKenzie, told Chronicle Live from Madrid: “I think they will have at least five players who are likely to play.In addition to the English players you have Fabian Schar and Bruno Guimaraes.

“It protects the club but not against injury. It protects the club financially, let’s say he is indeed going to be loaned to the national team.

“That’s why they mentioned it at the start and the combined effects of that and the club’s protection program only makes up for the fact that they’re playing for the national team and not the club.

“If there is an injury, there is insurance, there is a cap and it relates to the player’s fixed salary. The overall amount that FIFA would spend is limited to around £6m or £7m.

“So sportingly, honestly, that’s where the pain lies, it’s hard to compensate when someone gets injured. How much does it cost to lose players? It could be the difference between playing in the Europa League or the Champions League.

“Assuming you have a player like Bruno Guimaraes who could make it to at least the semi-finals, just calculate two weeks before and the number of days and the daily amount.

“That’s how much Newcastle will get. It’s not a lot of money, a drop in the bucket. On the other hand, if you imagine Bruno making it to the final or winning the World Cup, what would be the increase in value? Because Real Madrid will be interested by the end of the season to buy him.”

Baker McKenzie’s David Diaz

And then there is the condition in which the likes of Bruno will be returned.

Diaz said: “If he gets to the final, imagine they win, he would like to celebrate. The longer they are there, the more money you will earn, but the energy of the player will decrease.

“And there’s a higher chance of getting injured. So I think the longer they play, the more risk they take. $8,500 a day for a player like Bruno is really peanuts.”

Diaz works with many La Liga clubs and admits the tournament has raised concerns in Spain.

He said: “I think it’s unprecedented and there’s a lot of concern. It’s almost like a new league will start when the World Cup ends.

“Because of the energy that some players will have and secondly because of the injuries that may occur. The mindset of the players will be tired and the morale of the players who expect to pass and will not go as far as they wish.

“So I think that will be a game changer. I was speaking with a club in Spain on Monday and they are really worried about it. They are a team in the middle of the Spanish table with some internationals and if they get the players back at a lower level, it might be difficult for them.

“It’s not like Newcastle who have six or seven world-class players, some clubs have one or two. And for those teams it will be difficult. The big clubs have seven or eight for the World Cup and you don’t know what happens or when their season might end.

“When you reach April and the big prizes are at stake – where will the players be mentally? Imagine the clubs also playing the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Champions League. There’s a lot of concern because we’ve never been here before and that’s critical.”

Díaz has been a partner at Baker McKenzie Madrid since 2004. He is director of the labor and employment and sports practice department of the international law firm.

He has extensive experience in sports law and in particular in the football industry – he regularly advises Spanish and foreign clubs on the legal aspects arising from their operations, both in sports matters and in aspects related to aspects related to the everyday life. daily management of these organizations.

David also regularly advises agents and intermediaries, both domestic and international, in all matters relating to the conclusion of contracts, modification and termination of their contractual relationships, providing advice on all legal aspects relating to the transfer athletes, agents and legal intermediaries. aspects derived from the transfer of players.

He also has extensive experience in advising foreign investors with a potential interest in the European football industry on mergers and acquisitions transactions.

He regularly participates in the Forum on Sports Law organized by the Fundación LaLiga, in the permanent seminar organized by the Association of Football Players organized by the Spanish Association of Footballers (AFE) and ISDE and in other forums of debate and legal analysis such as FIDE. He is also a professor in the Master in Law Applied to Football at LaLiga Business School, in the Master in Sports Law at UNIR and in the Master in Sports Law at UNIR.