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Mamta’s 5 brothers, sister-in-law trapped in unaccounted assets: lawyer says

The 5 brothers and a sister-in-law of West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee are accused of accumulating disproportionate assets. According to the petition filed in the High Court in Kolkata, the assets of the Banerjee family have increased inexplicably since the Trinamool Congress came to power in 2011. The High Court ordered all defendants to submit affidavits before the 11th of November.

The petition states that most of the properties on Harish Chatterjee Street in Kolkata are owned by the Banerjee family. Mamta’s sister-in-law, Kajri Banerjee, is accused of buying many properties below market price. Nephew Abhishek Banerjee is a director of several companies. However, Mamta says I have nothing to do with the parents. No one lives with me.

We spoke to the lawyer who filed the petition and gathered all the facts.

I’ll go ahead with the story, but read the new statement from PM Modi’s critic Mamta Banerjee first…

Now get to know Mamta’s family…

Those who are accused, their relationship with Mamta

  1. Amit Banerjee: Mamta’s older brother and Abhishek Banerjee’s father
  2. Ajit Banerjee: Mamta’s older brother
  3. Samir Banerjee: Mamta’s brother
  4. Banerjee Exchange: Mamta’s brother
  5. Ganesh Banerjee: Mamta’s brother
  6. Kajri Banerjee: Sister-in-law of Mamta, wife of Sameer Banerjee

The allegations against Mamta and her family in the petition…

  • Mamata Banerjee has been the Chief Minister of Bengal since 2011. Saradha scam, Rose Valley scam, Narada scam, Ponzi scam and recruitment scam took place during this time. Not a single recruitment process has been complete without corruption. Many TMC leaders have also been arrested in these scams.
  • Political leaders and the media have made revelations about the unaccounted wealth of Mamta Banerjee’s family members. A Bengali newspaper named Ganashakti claimed that most of the properties on Harish Chatterjee Street in Kolkata were owned by the Banerjee family.
  • Kajri Banerjee, wife of Mamta’s brother, Sameer Banerjee, contested Ward No. 73 in 2021. He described himself as a social worker in the affidavit. Husband and own property said Rs 5 crore. How to earn 5 crores doing social work.
  • On May 14, 2019, Kajri Banerjee bought a property from West Bengal Housing Board for Rs 19 lakh but its market value was Rs 63.78 lakh.
  • Kajri hid many details in the affidavit. Stating the son as a dependent, he did not mention her PAN number, while she is the owner of KA Creative LLP. A property worth Rs 1.30 crore has been purchased on Harish Mukherjee Road through KA Creative. Its real price was Rs 5.19 crore.
  • Mamta Banerjee is not from a wealthy family. They claim they don’t take a salary. She only earns through books and paintings. His family lives in a small house at 30B Harish Chatterjee Street. How can normal family members have such large transactions.
  • In November 2013, former TMC MP and current General Secretary Kunal Ghosh was arrested in the Saradha scam. Then he said Saradha’s chit fund money was with Mamta Banerjee. The court also notified Kunal Ghosh to appear on November 28.
  • Leaps and Bounds Infra Consultant Pvt Ltd, Leaps and Bounds Pvt Ltd, became Leaps and Bound Management Services LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) after 2011. All three companies are run by family members of Mamta.
  • A company named Trinetra Consultant Private Limited was established before 2019 and also disappeared. The company has not filed for bankruptcy. Apparently, a donation of Rs 3 crore was given to TMC through this at different times.
  • Mamta Banerjee is in charge of the Home Department and West Bengal Police. In such a situation, the Kolkata police will not dare to investigate against his family members. Therefore, his investigation should be entrusted to CBI and ED.

Now a question, on which your opinion is important…

The petitioner said – The Banerjee family hotel in Puri, I have proof
There are disproportionate asset allegations against a total of 6 members of the Banerjee family. The allegations were made by Arijit Majumdar. His lawyer is BJP leader Tarun Jyoti Tiwari. Majumdar named Amit Banerjee, Ajit Banerjee, Sameer Banerjee, Swapan Banerjee, Ganesh Banerjee and Kajri Banerjee as defendants. The court ordered them all to submit affidavits by November 11. The court will hear this PIL on November 28.

Lawyer Tarun Jyoti Tiwari said the Banerjee family also had a hotel in Puri. Kajri Banerjee herself has declared the property as Rs 5 crore but she owns property up to Rs 20 crore. There is evidence of all of this.

He says the documents we presented in court from Mamta Banerjee’s family members show that their wealth has increased a lot. The exact assets were not disclosed in the election affidavit. Real estate increased especially after 2011 and 2013. 2013 was the year when bond fund companies were blocked in Bengal.

The family was a priest, so how did the money from the crores come?
Apposition leader Sujan Chakraborty said no one knows what industry the Leaps and Bounds company operates in. Abhishek Banerjee had submitted an affidavit to the electoral commission when he was first elected in 2014 that he had purchased 17,000 shares from Hubeck Engineering Limited. Its price was Rs 1.7 lakh. His wife Rujira had taken a thousand shares. Each share was worth Rs 10.

Abhishek’s parents were Amit Banerjee and Lata Banerjee, the company’s senior manager. The total capital was Rs 3.7 crore. Amit had 3.33 lakh shares and Lata had 36,000 shares.

Mamta Banerjee’s family members were priests in the Maa Kali temple in Kalighat. There was no background from which a huge amount of money could come. The question is where a middle class Bengali family got so much money from.

According to the affidavit submitted by Abhishek in 2019, Abhishek and Rujira became the heads of this company. The expenditure in 2017 was Rs 15.70 crore, it increased to 40.07 crore in 2018.

Abhishek Banerjee’s three companies registered at the same address
The opposition party raised questions about Amit Banerjee’s whereabouts before TMC came to power in 2011. How much was his capital and how did he register three companies at the same address. The address of the three companies is listed as P-73 Block P New Alipore, Kolkata. How Banerjee family came to own the lands by evicting some families from Harish Chatterjee street.

4 questions from BJP leader Shubhendu Adhikari…

  • After entering politics in 2014, how did Mamta’s nephew build a building worth 70 crores?
  • What is their source of income?
  • Is it smuggling coal and cows?
  • How was the money transferred to Rujira’s Thai bank account?

Mamta said – I didn’t even withdraw the pension, not much relationship with the family
Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee said that for the past 12 years, she received a pension of Rs 1 lakh per month and an honorarium of Rs 3-3.5 lakh per month, but she did not take it. She makes money from royalties from her books. Mamta has written 125 books to date.

Regarding the family, Mamta had said a few days ago that she had no relatives with her. All brothers live separately. Only his mother lived with him. On 29 August, the day Trinamool Chhatra Parishad was founded, Mamata ordered the Chief Secretary of Bengal H.K. Dwivedi to destroy the unaccounted holdings if found after investigation.

Corruption case against 6 government ministers
Kolkata-based lawyer Imtiaz Ahmed had filed a disproportionate assets suit against 19 Mamta party leaders in 2017 itself. These include the names of 6 ministers and the president of the assembly. Last month, the Kolkata High Court, while hearing this, ordered an investigation into the properties of all the defendants.

Rs 51 crore was recovered from the house of Arpita Mukherjee, an assistant to Partha Chatterjee, said to be very special to Mamta and who once held the position of number 2 at TMC. Parth and Arpita are in jail in the teacher recruitment scam. So far, Rs 103 crore has been leaked in this whole affair.

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