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Little breadwinner! The lawyer criticized serial bedwetting. Raw or awesome? Vote!

Yet he was having such a beautiful dream.

A city lawyer drove his wife to despair with her bedwetting.

The anonymous lawyer normally works from home, his partner explained on Mumsnet, but loses control every time he goes to London for a drink with a client.

“He gets carried away and orders spirits when he is already smoking beer,” says his wife, who exiled the notary to the guest room on his return.

‘I went to see him at 6am – soaking and freezing in bed,’ she said, explaining that she was going public with her partner peeing freely because he was 52 and she was exhausted of nerves. The ‘pretty mattress topper that all the guests said made the bed so comfortable’ was ‘probably ruined’, she said, recounting how the children saw her carrying the soggy bedding to the washing machine and she was “ashamed to say that I told them, ‘Daddy pissed in the bed'”.

The soiled lawyer “even tried to get into our bed but I made him take a shower”, says his sister. “Now he’s all happy with the kids and I feel bubbling.”

The woman explained that her husband wets his bed about every six months and asked the posters on the chat room if it was unreasonable to think that was not normal.

Other commenters replied that it was “unfortunate” and berated her for cleaning up after her husband snapped.

“You should have let him lay in it, filthy pig,” one said.

“I won’t just let [a] smell of sated piss seeping into my floor for hours when I can sort it out sooner,” his wife replied, though she agreed with another poster’s suggestion: “I will probably tell his mother.

She also expressed sympathy for her incontinent partner, who she says works in transactional law. “One day he worked from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. with only a few breaks. He was shouting on the phone to someone at work, who I heard respond in a shocked way,” she said. “He clearly does not manage but he sees no other way”.

“I’m a city attorney,” another poster read. “I’ve done decades of customer engagement that involved way too much alcohol from me or others. I understand it’s a stressful job and the lifestyle can suck the paycheck. But his behavior is not acceptable. Pissing in bed is not acceptable”.

Others defended the man. “It’s disgusting yes but if it only happens twice a year it’s okay,” said one. ‘We all get drunk and do stupid things,’ agreed a gullible poster, who said her husband ‘is a city banker – sometimes he just checks into a hotel if he’s been there’ .

“I love a drink (or two) but wetting the bed is beyond disgusting. That would be huge for me,” a dismayed mum replied.

“We have a marriage counselor next week, so I’ll talk about that,” the lawyer’s wife said.