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Lee Jong Suk Is A Third-Class Lawyer Accused Of Being A Criminal In Upcoming Black Drama

Upcoming MBC drama “Big Mouth” (literal title) has shared its first Lee Jong Suk stills!

“Big Mouth” is a tough noir drama about a third-rate lawyer who finds himself in charge of a murder case that turns him overnight into a genius con artist known as “Big Mouse.” In order to survive and protect his family, he must expose a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper classes.

Lee Jong Suk stars as Park Chang Ho, a third-rate lawyer with a 10% success rate who unexpectedly becomes known as the notorious con artist “Big Mouse.” Due to his terrible success rate, Park Chang Ho is behind in paying the monthly rent for the office as well as paying the salary of his office manager who is also his father-in-law. Unable to bear this situation any longer, Park Chang Ho’s wife Go Mi Ho (Girls’ Generation’s YoonA) files for divorce as he is pushed into a corner by a frustrating reality that isn’t getting better no matter what. His efforts.

Amidst these difficulties, Park Chang Ho receives a request to defend a murder case for the first time in quite some time, but this only leads to him being falsely accused of being “Big Mouse” who is known as the king of the underworld, making viewers wonder if Park Chang Ho will be able to safely escape this plot.

The newly released stills depict Park Chang Ho’s transformation from lawyer “Big Mouth” to genius con artist “Big Mouse.” Despite being teased as a third-rate lawyer, Park Chang Ho still looks professional in the way he dresses.

However, another still captures him in prison uniform with a wounded face. Although at first glance he seems discouraged as if he had given up everything, Park Chang Ho’s gaze remains as sharp as ever. Viewers are curious to know how Park Chang Ho will survive against the other criminals in prison.

The production staff shared, “Lee Jong Suk will perfectly portray his character’s sudden changes in feelings as Park Chang Ho is swept up in a whirlwind of authority. Please look forward to a different kind of charm from actor Lee Jong Suk that viewers haven’t seen anywhere else yet.

“Big Mouth” will premiere in July following the conclusion of “Doctor Lawyer.”

In the meantime, watch Lee Jong Suk in “While You Were Sleeping” below:

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