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Lawyer’s op-ed praising Archdiocese of Chicago ignores some ugly truths about priest sex abuse – Chicago Tribune

John O’Malley’s Sunday op-ed (“The Archdiocese of Chicago’s 3 Decades of Action Against Sexual Abuse”) commending the Archdiocese of Chicago for taking action to address sexual abuse by His Priests Against Innocent and Helpless Children reads as if it could have been written by someone who has spent over 20 years defending the archdiocese against sexual abuse claims.

Oh wait. It was.

O’Malley’s article speaks of painful truths. Well, the only painful truth to be told here is that no matter what steps the Archdiocese has taken over the past 30 years to create and implement policies to respond to allegations of sexual abuse, it still hasn’t succeeded in preventing incidents of sexual abuse and repeatedly failed to take appropriate action when he received credible allegations of abuse.

For example, O’Malley fails to mention the case of Daniel McCormack, a priest who sexually abused at least 30 children in the late 1990s and early 2000s, according to substantiated allegations received by the archdiocese. What happened when the Archdiocese learned of the allegations against McCormack? The archdiocese has not reported the allegations to civil authorities or removed McCormack from service.

O’Malley also failed to mention the case of Norbert Maday. The priest was found guilty of sexual abuse and intimidation of witnesses in 1994 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. While he was in prison, the archdiocese increased his salary and Cardinal Joseph Bernardin lent him $100,000 for his legal defense. The archdiocese also tried to get Maday’s sentence reduced.

Does this sound like an organization that has truly come to terms with the horror its priests inflicted on children? Or as an organization that deserves praise for its response to sexual abuse by its priests?

The sad truth is that there are surely many people in the archdiocese who work seriously to protect and care for children who have been sexually abused by archdiocesan priests. But the archdiocese’s male hierarchy will continue to undermine their efforts. O’Malley’s op-ed is just more evidence that archdiocesan leaders will continue to try to “advocate” this scandal to protect its troubled coffers.

Following a recent revelation that dozens of additional priests, previously undisclosed by the Archdiocese, have been credibly accused of child sexual abuse, O’Malley’s article is only ‘a shameless ride from an organization that deserves continued criticism, not praise.

—Barry C. Owen, Chicago

The Tribune editorial board has approved Kwame Raoul for another four years as Illinois attorney general (“For Illinois Attorney General, Clear Choice Is Raoul,” October 14). Four years ago, if I remember correctly, Raoul declared that it was not his job to seek out corruption. Apparently, as the Editorial Board indicates in its endorsement, he kept his word.

Now, however, all of that will change – just in time for the election. The editors do not like Republican candidate Thomas DeVore but say nothing about Raoul’s libertarian opponent, Daniel Robin. What is Robin’s background and platform, and has he been interviewed by the editorial board?

Illinoisans complain that we elect the same people over and over again. Unfortunately, Tribune editorial board endorsements are helping to continue this trend.

—Robert Angelica, Downers Grove

Recently, a letter writer said that US Senator Tammy Duckworth relied too heavily on her military background to win re-election (“Duckworth just a rubber stamp,” October 17). If there is anyone else in the United States Senate who has earned a place to legislate for our country, I would like to know who it is.

Duckworth volunteered to serve her country and lost her legs in the process. She is knowledgeable, to say the least, about the need to protect our country and keep us all safe. I think military service and/or community service should be a requirement for anyone who chooses to serve as a legislator.

It’s time for voters to seek out senators and representatives who have proven their commitment to preserving our country.

Duckworth could not have sacrificed more.

—Mel Novit, Morton Grove

Just in case people missed the surprisingly arrogant response Cook County Council Chairwoman Toni Preckwinkle gave to the Tribune editorial board when asked about crime in Chicago, her response should be amplified ( “Preckwinkle for Chairman of Cook County Council”, October 17).

She noted that residents of more affluent neighborhoods now get a taste of what it’s like to live in Chicago zip codes where residents have heard gunshots and feared carjackings for years. .

Schadenfreude, a German word meaning joy in response to misfortune suffered by another, is not a plan. It was an opportunity for her to address people’s fears about the ramifications of the impending SAFE-T law.

Pointing out and appearing to accept the fact that residents of affluent neighborhoods are now suffering from violent crime is not a response from a competent leader and is an insult to all residents of Cook County.

—Cathleen Bylina, Chicago

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