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Lawyer: Wolverines Player started tunnel fight after MSU-Michigan

Dave Diamond, the attorney representing a Michigan State football player involved in the tunnel storming a few weekends ago, claimed a Michigan player actually started it.

The Los Angeles-based attorney released a statement saying a Wolverine “engaged with Spartan athletes with his helmet on and a punch.”

“The media took the bait of a coach and master victim and his howls at the moon. We learned that player UM started the altercation. Eyewitnesses described him as charging with his helmet and a punch,” the lawyer said. He continued, “The judicial system is designed for impartiality. The repetition of the “hail to the victims” song and dance does not contribute to the investigative mission. Where were the cries from Ann Arbor to criminally charge Coach Howard with assault or Devin Bush with criminal vandalism. The silence was thrilling. Hypocrisy is painful. While we recognize the wrongdoings of all parties, this is not an incident warranting the filing of criminal charges.

“We’ve seen similar and even worse behavior on the gridiron and suddenly because it’s happening in a tunnel, notorious for incompetent security and post-match mismanagement, there are calls for criminal prosecution. . My client is a young man who responded to the situation before him.

Michigan State suspended at least eight players in connection with the incident from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1. Two videos shared on social media captured two different altercations, and a Michigan player, defensive back Gemon Green, who was allegedly hit with a helmet. — is considering filing a complaint.

Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh confirmed on October 31 that there was “an ongoing police investigation” and called the incident “egregious”.

“It’s disgusting to watch the videos. Those who are on social media right now and also the ABC tunnel camera – it’s at a higher altitude, it shows a lot more of what happened. Like I said, it’s sickening to watch.

Malcolm Jones, Justin White, Jacoby Windham, Brandon Wright, Tank Brown, Khary Crump, Angelo Grose and Zion Young are the Spartans who have been suspended so far. Coach Mel Tucker released a statement Sunday morning after the game and followed it to his Monday press conference, expressing his disappointment.

“We are not here to make excuses for Saturday’s behaviors,” he said. “They are unacceptable. It’s also very important to say that we honor the traditions of the Big Ten Conference, including the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry game. We have a responsibility to uphold the values ​​of this great university.

“We are deeply sorry to both universities, the conference, our fans, alumni, supporters and, of course, all of our student-athletes, past and present.”

The University of Michigan Police Department and the Big Ten are also investigating.

According to Diamond, a relative of a Michigan player walked through security and confronted a Spartans player. He said in the statement: “Why were UM players allowed in the tunnel and rather than criticizing an MSU employee for not engaging with 6ft 6in giants, we must wondering about Michigan’s safety in the tunnel.

“…this case does not warrant a criminal complaint. Speaking with the detective investigating the case, I am comforted by his impartiality.