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Lawyer Quits To Become Pet Psychic… Earns More Money

Delaware Law School graduate Nikki Vasconez redefined the “JD Advantage” employment statistic, taking her legal education and turning to the lively field of telepathic communication with animals.

For the Philadelphia-area real estate attorney, that equates to a raise.

Vasconez had earned around $75,000 as a lawyer, but now she charges $350/hour to commune with animals, conveying their ideas that – presumably – go beyond “eat, sleep, repeat.” She is also able to talk to dead animals because…why not? It’s just as plausible.

By limiting herself to two readings a day, she’s now looking at close to $170,000/year, which still isn’t Biglaw money, but it does mean she works two hours a day looking at pictures of animals and to guess their feelings. And with a waiting list that has grown to as many as 4,000 people at one point, she has years of business lined up.

From the post office :

Although she is very successful and has generated a lot of interest, Vasconez revealed that she also receives criticism online from people who are skeptical and think she is a fraud.

You do not say ?

“I understand this can be confusing because we’re raised to believe that interspecies communication isn’t the norm,” she said.

Yeah. This is the problem.

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