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Lawyer moves Supreme Court against Agnipath

A public interest litigation (PIL) petition was filed in the Supreme Court on Monday challenging the Agnipath program, saying recruitment into the armed forces under the program would cause “serious harm” to citizens, the institution of the armed forces and in the country. a set.

The petition filed by lawyer ML Sharma urged the Supreme Court to declare the notification of the project issued by the Ministry of Defense on June 14 as “unlawful, unconstitutional and ultra vires” of the Constitution.

“On June 14, contrary to constitutional provisions, without having the approval of Parliament and without any notification to the Official Gazette, the respondent (the government) canceled the army’s century-old selection process and imposed the Agnipath program for recruitment in the three divisions of the armed forces and declared to start it from June 24, 2022,” the petition reads.

Mr. Sharma noted that the Supreme Court had recently intervened to ensure gender equality and protect the basic rights of female officers seeking permanent commission in the military. The lawyer said the armed forces could not discriminate with a policy that dropped 75% of inductees after four years of service without even a pension.

“After four years, of the total number of candidates selected for a permanent commission in the army, only 25% will be retained and the remaining 75% will be retired. During the four years, they will receive salary and benefits. But after four years, those 75% of applicants will not receive any pensions etc,” Mr. Sharma said.

The petition said that permanent commission meant service until retirement. The protests and violence were led by a large section of the youth who envisioned a “bleak future” and were against being a soldier as a “contract job”, the petitioner said.