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Lawyer: I did nothing wrong in the Mihkelson case | New

Speaking to the ERR, Maria Mägi-Rohtmets, a sworn lawyer (vandeadvokaat) and lawyer for the father at the center of a custody battle involving Tuuli Mihkelson, the wife of reformist MP Marko Mihkelson, said: “The The Bar Association could not have failed to initiate such a procedure. If the Bar Association hadn’t already initiated her, I should have asked her to do so on my own initiative. However, this week has been a very busy time, as you know.”

“Behind the situation that has arisen is a societal expectation of an assessment of whether, to what extent and in what cases part of a court proceeding declared in camera may be made public, or when the circumstances relating to the closed case can be published. I also find it good to know. Personally, I think that I behaved completely correctly and that I must act in the interest of my client”, continued Mägi-Rohtmets.

She denies accusations of wrongdoing. “I keep finding that,” she said, adding that for the future it would be good to know where the boundaries of further discourse on a closed-door procedure lie.

Daily Postimees, which broke allegations of inappropriate photos taken of a child, allegedly by the MP, who heads the Riigikogu’s foreign affairs committee, says it has contacted Mägi-Rohtmets client viz. the father of the children involved in the situation, and said client directed the journalists to their lawyer, says Mägi-Rohtmets.

She answered Postimees’ questions, she says, adding that the client never asked her to act in a suspicious way that would be against the law or ethics.

Mägi-Rohtmets is currently reviewing public documents related to the allegations and removing inappropriate material at the request of its client, it adds. “We are first dealing with submitting a request to remove certain information, which we believe is inappropriate and not in the best interests of the children.”

“Then we must also consider whether there is any reason to verify that no incorrect factual statements were released during the great momentum and excitement, which would also carry an inappropriate value assessment. Of course, we let’s work in this direction,” she said. said.

“We’re not going to do a Robert Sarv, but we’ll have to analyze it, that’s clear,” she continued, referring to a lawyer who has acted in high-profile media cases in the past.

the reaction to the media revelations came as a surprise to her and her client, Mägi-Rohtmets continued. She said: “We were completely unprepared for the fact that the circumstances and information, thanks to which it is possible to identify minors, were frantically disseminated in the media. We simply did not consider this.”

“The public interest cannot be inherent in the activities of a single family. The public interest can only reside in the activities of a high-ranking public figure, but in this case it was completely abandoned, followed from a search of the family’s belongings,” Mägi-Rohtmets said.

“It was done in such a way that children could also be identified based on information about their parents. This is inappropriate. I would say in this regard that our media should learn to deal with painful issues in society in a way that the matter may be discussed, but would not harm any person in whom there can be no inherent public interest.”

“The media should of course have focused mainly on Marko Mihkelson as a high-ranking public figure, and nothing else. However, now it has turned into something completely different. That is of course very unfortunate.” , continued the lawyer.

On Friday, the Bar Association announced that its Honorable Court had initiated proceedings regarding the actions of Maria Mägi-Rohtmets regarding the Marko Mihkelson allegations.

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