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Lawyer for Bilkis Bano, lawyer Shobha Gupta on the surrender of 11 convicts

Bilkis was around 19 or 20 years old and 5 months pregnant when she was gang-raped and her family members murdered. During the commission of the crime, she was running around with her divided family and fleeing for their lives.

Just seeing so many armed people in a violent crowd is scary enough. A dark night in a forest area. That’s enough to kill someone again. Then she suffered. Seeing a relative die before your eyes a normal death, makes life miserable“, said Gupta.

The lawyer believes that her client’s survival would not have been possible without divine intervention.

We take care of pregnant women like children or like [they are in ] an air bubble. This is the kind of care we give to a pregnant woman. In this case, it was a young woman pregnant with her second child. Then she was gang-raped. You see your loved ones, be it your mother or other loved ones, being murdered in front of you. Close family. I see in the news seven, but there were 14 parents. She was the only person who survived. In your presence, other women in your family were gang-raped. You are the victim of a gang rape. Then all 14 were murdered. Left without a thread on the body. She only survived through divine intervention, possibly because she became unconscious and they thought she died like the others. So something I believe – there was divine intervention that she had to stay alive.”