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Lawyer denounces increase in armed robberies and calls for urgent action against the trend

A Lagos-based lawyer, Mr Daniel Adeyemi, has called for urgent action to curb “the alarming rate of armed robbery in society”.

Adeyemi made the call in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos on Tuesday.

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According to him, armed robbery is the crime of using firearms or offensive weapons to seize the property of others by threat or force.

sahara news today

“Thieves have robbed people of their valuables, some even raping, injuring or even killing just to carry out their operations.

“No place is safe; the security situation in the country has recently been so terrible that armed robbers now operate day and night on a daily basis.

“Armed robbery is becoming a trend which, if not properly managed, I fear fate awaits our nation and the future of our young people will rest on the balance of life. ‘uncertainty.”

He said the criminal law provided for the death penalty for armed robbery but the threat of capital punishment had not deterred the robbers.

“Despite the death penalty reserved for convicts, crime continues to increase.”

He said crime prevention should not rest solely on the shoulders of the police and the government, but that every member of society has a role to play.

“The safety of life and property is everyone’s business; all hands must be on deck to fight this threat to make society safe for all.

“If you see anything that doesn’t look quite right, say so, be vigilant and report anyone with a suspicious occupation or lifestyle to the police.”

He said police sometimes react slowly to cases of theft due to their inferior equipment, lack of vehicles, low morale, corruption, lack of cooperation from the public, among other challenges.

The jurist advised Nigerians to live their lives wisely and refrain from flaunting their wealth as it might attract thieves.

He urged parents to shoulder their responsibilities in ensuring that the values ​​of integrity and hard work are instilled in their children.

“Parents should instill good values ​​in their children, train them on the right path; children who are properly trained are unlikely to be involved in crime.

Adeyemi said more training, an improved salary package, good equipment, recruitment and the like would ensure efficiency and boost police morale.

He urged the police to properly screen people who wanted to join the force, as recruiting criminals or thugs would only increase the volume of rot society faces.

NewsSourceCredit: NAN

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