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Lawyer appeals to Constitutional Court over administration of judicial law – 93.3 KFM

By Ruth Anderah

A concerned citizen has petitioned the Constitutional Court to annul certain provisions of the recently enacted law on judicial administration.

Private lawyer Steven Kalali claims the law discriminates against some lower judiciary magistrates as well as the rest of civil servants.

On June 19, 2020, President Museveni approved the Judicial Administration Law which strengthens the judiciary as an independent body of government.

By the same Act, Parliament approved the continuation of the monthly payment of a salary to a retired Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice in addition to a lump sum equivalent to 2.4% of his annual salary multiplied by five and the total number of years spent in service.

In his petition, Kalali argues that it is unconstitutional and discriminatory to favor only retired members of the judiciary, when they are also civil servants.

The Act also provides that retired Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Chief Justice and High Court Justices will continue to receive 80% of their salary once they reach retirement age. respective mandatory pension, as well as a lump sum. retirement pension equivalent to 2.4% of their annual salary multiplied by five and their years of service, state security, chauffeur-driven cars, annual medical and housing allowances.

Kalali says the law is also discriminatory because it favors members of the upper judiciary and not those of the lower judiciary like magistrates and clerks.

Kalali therefore wishes that these provisions which he describes as discriminatory be canceled or that a constitutional interpretation be given to him.