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Korean asks to be registered as a lawyer; Bar Council of India anticipates trouble | Chennai News

CHENNAI: A South Korean national, who has successfully completed an approved law course at a recognized Indian university, has put the Bar Council of India (BCI) at an impasse while seeking to register as a lawyer in India.
Daeyoung Jung said that if an Indian national obtains a law degree from a recognized Korean law university, he will have the right to practice law in Korea. Conversely, a Korean national who obtains a law degree from a recognized Indian university should be eligible to practice in India, he said.
But the BCI expects problems if this case becomes a precedent. Stressing that the Delhi High Court is due to hear Jung’s case on September 21, BCI said: “Enrolling him would pave the way for foreign nationals to the Indian Bar, which is unprecedented to date. It will open the floodgates for the Indian Bar. and soon citizens of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Bangladesh and other countries may enter the Indian Bar, which may not be good for the interest of Indian lawyers.”
To support his argument, Jung provided a communication from the president of the Bar Association of the Republic of Korea saying that there is no nationality restriction for taking the national bar exam in that country. Jung petitioned the Delhi High Court to instruct the council to register him as a lawyer in India. As the case is due to be heard on September 21, the BCI has now sought comments and views from all state bar counsel and other stakeholders by September 17.
The Bar Council of TN and Pondicherry sought input from all bar associations and state attorneys on granting registration to a Korean national.