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Johnny Depp’s popular lawyer, Camille Vasquez, will defend him in court for a second time and appear in another Depp-related project

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s legal battle has gone on for years, but it’s apparently over. The verdict of the libel trial in Virginia sided with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, and his ex-wife was ordered to pay more than 10 million dollars. Although Depp’s popular lawyer, Camille Vasquez, defends him a second time in court and appears in another Depp-related project.

Camille Vasquez was the dissident legal star in the Depp/Heard lawsuit, although some fans have speculated that she was actually dating the Edward Scissorhands actor. While she is recorded to deny this after their court win, Vasquez and Johnny Depp work together on a legal case again. According HEYshe will be part of his legal team prior assault allegations coming from the shooting of his film city ​​of liesand defend him in court.

The assault case has no connection to Johnny Depp’s legal troubles with Amber Heard. Instead, it comes from stage manager Greg “Rocky” Brooks, who worked with Johnny Depp on the set of city ​​of lies in 2017. His lawsuit claims Depp assaulted him on set, kicking him in the ribcage and allegedly offered Brooks $100,000 to push him away. He also claims he was fired after refusing to promise he wouldn’t sue the actor.

It’ll be Camille Vasquez’s job to refute that claim, and they’ll have a key witness who disputes how the showdown between Greg Brooks and Johnny Depp ultimately unfolded. And there will no doubt be plenty of eyes on the legal proceedings following Amber Heard’s trial as Vasquez’s newfound fame.

Besides their collaboration in another courtroom, Camille Vasquez is also set to appear in a Depp-related project. Namely The Johnny Vs. Amber documentary series coming to Discovery+. She and her colleague Benjamin G. Chew will be interviewed for the documentary, as well as people on the side of Amber Heard. The doc is actually a sequel to the first season of Johnny vs. Amberwhich dealt with the pirate the actor’s libel case against British publication The Sun. But unlike the defamation case in the United States, Depp ultimately lost this case.

Given an appearance on camera in Johnny Vs. Amber and Camille Vasquez’s current press tour following the defamation lawsuit, smart money says there will be many more TikToks coming online about him by Johnny Depp fans. We’ll just have to see how their second legal collaboration pans out, and if there will be any more cameras in the courtroom.

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