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Johnny Depp’s lawyer, others say Kate Moss wouldn’t testify and how much she helped

Johnny DeppAmber Heard’s defamation lawsuit took a deep dive into the personal lives of both celebrities. Through witnesses, evidence and various legal strategies, their lives were torn apart and many friends and associates ended up getting involved. The jury ultimately decided mostly in Johnny Depp’s favor, thanks in part to the testimony of some of those associates. One associate in particular, Kate Moss, seemed to be particularly important. It was not always clear, however, that she would be allowed to testify or even agree to testify, which was confirmed by Team Depp attorney Camille Vasquez and others.

During the ‘Johnny’s Story’ half of Discovery+’s new documentary series Johnny vs. Amber: The American Trial (opens in a new tab), Vasquez, and other media/legal analysts talked about the backstory behind his testimony and how Moss’ involvement turned out to be a big deal. Given how deprived she is of a person, there was a lot of concern about whether she would agree to participate. Here’s what Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, herself said in one of her confessional interviews for the series:

I was hoping we could convince Kate Moss to testify, but everything I knew about Kate indicated she probably wouldn’t. Because she’s an extremely private person and has nothing to gain by testifying.

After dating Johnny Depp for a few years, there were rumors and accusations that Depp abused Kate Moss during this relationship. This would ultimately lead to her being called as a witness, but as Camille Vasquez mentioned in Johnny vs. Amber: The American Trial, there was no guarantee that she would participate. Moss would later say that she felt compelled to testify because she “believes in the truth”.

During a three-minute Zoom call, Kate Moss testified that many analysts said they had significantly helped Johnny Depp’s case. Johnny vs. Amber: The American Trial included other interviews that reported as much, as Channel 4 correspondent Minnie Stephenson and legal analyst Emily D. Baker both commented on how Amber Heard’s own testimony had made this possible. Here is their take on why Moss has become so important to Team Depp:

“Minnie Stephenson: There’s an incredible moment where we see Ben Chew, Johnny Depp’s attorney, pumping air with his fist. Because Amber Heard named Kate Moss, which means her team, Depp’s team, can now call Kate Moss as a witness.

Emily D. Baker: It was wild. You can’t make this stuff up, and now Johnny Depp is allowed to bring in an ex-relationship, who only had nice things to say about him. Which, when you’re charged with domestic violence, is very powerful testimony.”

Before a trial, it is not always clear whether a judge will allow certain unrelated or semi-related stories to be told in front of the jury. As such, it was unclear if Moss would even be allowed to testify. However, when Amber Heard mentioned on the witness stand how she thought back to accusations that Johnny Depp pushed Kate Moss down the stairs, the door opened for Moss to testify. Heard was trying to use the old story to explain why she wanted to defend her sister Whitney Henriquez against Depp in case he pushed her, but bringing it up allowed the defense to directly refute the allegation. It also led to a lawyer Ben Chew’s infamous fist pump, that, you can see in Johnny vs. Amber: The American Trialas it is included in the footage showing this very moment of Heard’s testimony.

The trial captivated the general public. Parts of the proceedings were watched by many, and snippets of testimony and/or odd moments went viral on a weekly and sometimes daily basis as the history of Depp and Heard’s relationship was dissected. Johnny vs. Amber: The American Trial revisits the case and adds new perspectives to what happened. Both episodes are currently available to stream via Discovery+, as is the previous docu-series. Johnny versus Amber.