Lawyer course

I’m not a lawyer and damn it, my opinion on the law still stands!

I’ve written a few articles about legal issues here and, as usual, some “people” have given me the usual arrogant, condescending, sneering, nose-up response: “Of course, you’re not not a lawyer, so your opinion doesn’t matter, ignorant peasant!


There are subjects where an “uneducated” opinion is largely unimportant, such as physics, mathematics, biology and other sciences where the “laws” relating to them are not made by man but only discovered. by man, having been created by the physics of the universe.

Physical laws, like the laws of physics that humans are just discovering, are not up for debate. All governments, judges, lawyers, etc. of the world together cannot change the charge of an electron, the mass of a neutrino, or the speed of a photon by 1 millionth of a billionth of a trillionth of 1% no matter what they decide and to order. I saw the meme where a Christian proudly declared that if he found a passage in the Bible that said 2+2=5, he would accept it and live as if it were true.

Of course, two plus two would always equal 4, no matter how strong his faith and beliefs. Mathematics cannot be changed by decisions, whether legislative or ‘divine’. Physics, biochemistry, neurology, etc.

The laws of physics that man is only discovering cannot be changed by man. Only people educated in these areas can have relevant opinions and views about them, no matter how much someone would believe 2+2=5 if they found it written in the Bible.

But the laws that man writes are quite another matter.

Legal laws, as opposed to physical laws, are nothing but opinions, views, beliefs, etc., usually of those in power at the time they are written. In fact, a judge’s decisions are actually called “opinions”.

A physicist does not have an “opinion” on the value of the gravitational constant, he presents facts discovered and verified by scientific methodology. A judge renders an opinion.

The laws that man creates are not fixed and unalterable, they are only human views and opinions, mainly of whoever holds the power at any given time.

Some will say that an unjust law needs to change, but again, justice is just an opinion.

Yet some want to act as if the laws the man writes are carved in stone, handed down from above, and only those who have been indoctrinated into the bar association can talk about them meaningfully. They wrap laws in pseudo-Latin terms that are supposed to be incomprehensible to most people, in terminology so convoluted that most human minds can’t even begin to process the jargon known as “legal”, even if it literally dictates a large part of their life to them. they need to know what he is saying, so they have to give money to a Law worship acolyte to tell them what the laws that govern their lives mean, and even then another acolyte can challenge them, and a deacon of the worship of the Law. The law decides what a person can, cannot, must and must not do based on their opinion, which can be purchased through various means.

So to all those people who are rolling their noses and laughing at me that my opinion on the law doesn’t matter because I’m not a paying member of the Law Cult, I say “KISS MY ASS !”

Laws are nothing but a human opinion and mine is as valid as anyone who has sold his soul for a degree in a field that is nothing but an opinion backed by force.

Since laws and justice are purely human concepts, if a majority of people decide that a law seems unfair, looks unfair, acts unfair, feels unfair and smells unfair, then it is indeed unfair, regardless of people who have been brainwashed and programmed to be faithful. The Law worship acolytes tell them with a sneer