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How to Use Reddit to Promote Your Lawyer Business

If you’re a lawyer, did you know that Reddit could be a great way to boost your business?

Now you might be wondering, “What is Reddit?”

Reddit calls itself the “homepage of the internet,” but it’s really just a collection of communities, called “subreddits,” where users participate in topical discussions on topics of all kinds. It has over 300 million active users and has seen some resurgence in popularity in recent years.

And a New Jersey-based attorney tells us the site can be a great way to show off your legal expertise and potentially meet new clients.

“People choose a lawyer based on their expertise and experience,” says attorney Lauren E. Scardella. Scardella recently posted about how lawyers can use Reddit to grow their businesses.

“Thoughtful and active use of Reddit can help a lawyer showcase that (expertise and experience),” she says.

Among the thousands of subreddits are people looking for advice, not necessarily from a lawyer, but definitely advice from legitimate experts.

And if you’re vigilant and research the right communities on Reddit, you can offer this advice to the person looking for it. And once they find out you’re a lawyer, you might be the first person they turn to as a representative in court.

Here is a good example of how an attorney can use Reddit to potentially find a client to represent:

Someone visits the Law topic on Reddit and finds a sub-reddit on Contractor Agreements. If it’s an area where you’re an expert, you go there and find someone who has a problem with a contractor they hired. They can’t get anywhere with the contractor and they need legal advice.

If you provide them with the proper legal advice, that disgruntled person may turn to you and ask you to represent them.

Scardella pointed out 2 very easy ways to meet potential new clients on Reddit and use the site to offer your written legal expertise that addresses people’s real issues.

How can a lawyer increase their business with Reddit?

Here are 2 very simple ways for a lawyer to use Reddit to grow their business.

Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Ask Me Anything (or AMA) forums are a great way to show off your legal expertise to a wide audience. They’re not just for celebrities and big CEOs.

Because Reddit is so granular, you can host a legal AMA in any area where your business has expertise.

Hosting an AMA on Reddit only takes a few steps to verify that you are real. Once you’ve completed these steps and are ready, be sure to promote your next AMA to answer questions and have answers at your fingertips.

Scardella says AMA responses are one of the best ways for a lawyer to grow their business.

“Well done, you engage regularly and with respect,” she says. “You can link Reddit to your other social networks.”

Scardella adds that within Reddit’s massive user base, AMAs remain a popular forum.

Participate in subreddits

Reddit has an endless supply of subreddits.

“These can get quite tight and grainy,” says Scardella. “So a lawyer can search for subreddits that match their areas of practice and engage with people there, not in a commercial way.”

It may take some time to find exactly the right topics to participate in, but if you find someone who really needs legal advice that you can offer, by all means do so.

“Lawyers need to find the forums on reddit (the subreddits) where their potential clients are, and they need to engage with them there in an authentic way,” she says. “Ideally, the lawyer has a genuine personal interest in the topic of the subreddit so that other redditors (reddit users) feel that the lawyer is engaging with them in the subreddit our genuine engagement with the topic rather than the ‘obligation.”

For example: Here’s a post from September under a subreddit called Legal Advice. You can check the question and the answers here.

“I was fired for following company policy. I am currently working from home due to COVID. At the start of the pandemic, our company decided that most people had to work from home and we could access the on-premises resources we needed through the company VPN. About a week later, they sent an email telling us not to use the VPN too much because it didn’t hold up to pressure very well. The new policy was to use the VPN only when needed and just be on our home network for everything else. I have strictly followed this policy as lately I have mostly been working on technical reports and have rarely needed access to specific site resources anyway. Yesterday I was called in by senior management for a “productivity review”. I was accused of going days off from work because I didn’t use the VPN for days in a row. Turns out they looked at everyone’s VPN connection history and decided that we weren’t connected to the VPN, we weren’t working. From what they said, I’ll probably be fired for stealing time from the company. I think it’s particularly unfair because we’ve been asked not to use the VPN when it’s not needed.

I met all my deadlines and there were no problems with any clients. I probably worked even longer hours than before because I wasted no time commuting. Since I started in this company 12 years ago, my evaluation interviews have always gone very well and I have been promoted regularly.

I spoke to colleagues and we are five in the same situation. We are all over 40 and on high salaries. I think it’s a secret way to eliminate “expensive” employees from the payroll. Do I have any recourse? Would this be considered unfair dismissal? »

The person who posted this question is from New York. There were over 100 responses to the question. Many of those who replied were lawyers, and the person who posted the issue had plenty of good advice.

If your published advice was something that resonated with that person, they would likely turn to you as their legal representative. You already knew their problems and when they needed advice, you were there to provide it.

It doesn’t take a lot of business savvy to make that connection, but if a thread is cluttered with legal advice, reaching out to that user via a message on the site might be the next step to locking them in as a customer.

How to get started on Reddit

Reddit is huge. If you don’t learn to be specific about your use of the site, you may end up spending too much time sifting through the ever-increasing amount of information on the site.

You can avoid overcharging by taking specific steps when setting up your account. Go to the Reddit website ( and click the login box in the top right. Fill in all required information.

Then you can choose your subreddits. For example, a lawyer might choose “r/law – developments in the law and legal profession” or r/legal advice. You can subscribe to these subreddits.

When you log in, you will see your chosen subreddits and will also get general subreddits that all users will see. You can delete them, so your Reddit only shows the topics you choose.

Is Reddit worth it for lawyers?

People looking for a lawyer are looking for a combination of expertise and experience.

“By providing free (non-legal) advice and guidance in their areas of expertise, it allows lawyers to connect with many people, some of whom will become prospects,” says Scardella. “Most importantly, from the perspective of the prospect, connecting with the lawyer on Reddit is a ‘little gamble’ – a risk-free way to start a relationship to see how humane, conscientious and knowledgeable the lawyer is. “

Scardella adds that using Reddit can be a great business development tool, if done right.

“Doing well means engaging regularly and always respectfully with people, providing value through AMAs and helping people where you can, and (here’s a valuable key) using other social media to promote your presence on Reddit,” she said. “While it’s great to host an AMA, why not schedule it 7-10 days in advance and use all your other social media channels and website to advertise it? You never know who visited your other social networks but who is actually the most engaged on Reddit.With such a massive user base, it’s guaranteed that there will be more potential customers than you think.