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High School Opportunities for Pre-Law Students

Opportunity U: So, you sort of touched on that, but going a little deeper, as a high school student, which classes would be important? You mentioned that in college you can major in anything, but in high school you’re a bit more limited.

Joe: For high school students, I would say that we don’t really see specific things. High school is really important for students to kind of shape who they become. But we really can’t use any of these experiences for our vocational school application. So I think for high school, if students had the chance to take a communications course, maybe economics, if they’re interested in business law, there are so many different ways to go about it.

Opportunity U: So if they think maybe they want to make a specific type of law, just have a more general idea of ​​that?

Joe: Yeah, getting a general background on this topic in this area that may be helpful.

Opportunity U: Also, are there any extracurricular activities or high school clubs that you know of and would recommend? Or national organizations you see people participating in?

Joe: I mean depending on what you wanted to do. There are schools with things like We The People, but those, often, have more to do with government. So if students wanted to do law, that focused on government, peace, or work for government with them, all of those things could be useful.

But again, it’s such a broad area. Lawyers are in so many different fields and students have to understand if they want to be a lawyer, very, very few lawyers do trial law where it’s like Legally Blond or something, isn’t- it not? Much of it is reading, research, writing, and details. And you must really like that stuff, because law is very heavy on research and writing and reading memoirs and memoirs and memoirs.

What to Look for in a Law Internship

Opportunity U: You mentioned that in high school, students could look for an observation post or an internship. Is there anything you would recommend they look for? Something that would really help them see what it’s like to be a lawyer?

Joe: Yeah, that’s a good one. I mean, just like you look for in most internships, is there an opportunity for me to ask questions? Is there an opportunity for me to observe the actual work in progress rather than answering the phone or filling out paperwork, which might be common to have to do some of these things. But I think if you are able to see the lawyer in action and then have the opportunity to get feedback or ask questions afterwards.

Opportunity U: Impressive. Is there anything else you think would be helpful for high school students who are considering law school to know?

Joe: You know, if they are really interested and there is a law school near them, it might be good for them to visit a law school. It would be very early in the game in high school, but it never hurts to get that experience to see what law schools like, and maybe talk to admissions counselors and people there and just hear about their experience in their school right.

Opportunity U: Thank you so much for taking your time to share this with us!