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Hit Trial Lawyer Podcast Settlement Nation Celebrates 20,000th Upload

JACKSONVILLE, Florida., August 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Independent Life, the only plaintiff-focused structured settlement provider, is rapidly rising to the top of litigators’ reading lists with its hit podcast Settlement Nation ( Settlement Nation explores some of today’s most important issues in the legal community through insightful and engaging conversations that cover landmark verdicts, the litigation process, settlement planning for plaintiffs, tax planning for attorneys and future innovations in the legal and insurance sectors.

Settlement Nation has grown dramatically over the past year, reaching the 20,000th download on Apple Podcasts. With thousands of new litigators tuning in every month, host Courtney Barber prepares to bring even more original and creative content to the legal community.

“I have a background in digital media production, so developing a podcast has always been something I’ve always had my eye on, and the litigators niche has provided the perfect opportunity to launch Settlement Nation“, said Barber. “My goal is to keep it fresh and engaging, but also to provide significant value for litigators, where they can take home actionable skills to use in their own practice.”

Co-host Chris Bua also believe that Settlement Nation brings a lot of substance to the community. “It was gratifying to hear our audience share how these interviews helped them become better litigators,” Bua said. “What started as a fun way to connect with people during the pandemic has turned into a real platform for lawyers looking to hone their skills.”

With a remarkable guest list including top lawyers Nick Rowley, Keith Mitnik and Bob Simon, Barber continues to find the best talent in the industry and share their stories and advice. Hinting at big episodes to come in the next few months, she anticipates even more good reviews and subscribers. Settlement Nation is a regular Top 5 litigator podcast and continues to gain more and more attention within the industry.


Followers of Settlement Nation can send email [email protected] to give your opinion or suggest a guest for the show. To subscribe to the podcast, search Settlement Nation on your favorite podcast platform.


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