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“His family had no income”

Case witness Aryan Khan Prabhakar Sail had no job due to his involvement in the case? (Photo credit: Instagram)

The Aryan Khan case has made headlines in recent months, leaving the internet extremely divided over its proceedings. The case took a new turn this week as key NCB witness Prabhakar Sail died on Friday after suffering a heart attack. In a recent media interaction, her lawyer, Tushar Khandare, shed some light on the seriousness of Sail’s suffering as a result of the case, particularly in finding a job and earning a living.

For the uninitiated, Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan has been arrested for drug possession and use on the cruise ship Cordellia. He was sent to Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai for a few weeks before being released on bail on October 30, 2022.

In a recent chat with ETimes, lawyer in the Aryan Khan Panch case, Prabhakar Sail’s witness, Tushar Khandare, recently opened up about how stressed the man was before his untimely demise. “They were totally dependent on Sail and he was under a lot of pressure. He was unemployed and we had tried to find him a job. We made a move for him but he didn’t get the job because he was involved in the drug deal. They told him, ‘we can’t hire you,’” Tushar said.

Explaining Prabhakar Sail’s financial problems in more detail, the lawyer said, “Sail did not get a job because he filed an affidavit in the Aryan Khan case. This was the main reason for the pressure because he and his family had no income. We helped him with money from time to time.

Tushar Khandare, however, assured that the corruption allegations case brought by Prabhakar Sail against NCB will remain strong. “Nothing will happen to the case. We have filed an affidavit with the authorities and the cases will continue,” he said.

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