Lawyer salary

“He will no longer do the Sky interview, he will be the best paid in Serie A”

Romelu Lukaku’s lawyer Sebastien Ledure has said the Inter striker will no longer give the Sky interview he gave at Chelsea, according to a Belgian media report.

Speaking during an interview with a Belgian magazine The futurethe lawyer has explained the situation surrounding the highly controversial interview Romelu Lukaku gave to Sky Sport in Italy during his return season at Chelsea.

He made it clear in the interview that he wanted to stay at Inter and was unhappy with the way his time in the Premier League was going under Thomas Tuchel.

The interview severely affected his relationship with Chelsea and the manager for the rest of the season and was a driver in him on loan at Inter.

“This interview was dictated by the heart and was perhaps inappropriate, awkward. It was something he did on his own and would probably never do again.

“He suffered the consequences for the rest of the season, as it weighed down his day-to-day working environment. But he quickly made it clear to me that, given his age and the fact that he is at the height of his career, he could not afford to miss another year.

“It was an open secret that he was not on the same wavelength as his coach. But negotiations didn’t start until the end of the season.

It’s reported that Romelu Lukaku is giving up around half his salary to join Inter, but Sebastien Ledure says it’s less than reported.

“Yes. But much less than the press says. I read that he cut his salary by a third or 50%. It’s not true. He will be the highest paid player in Serie A “All parties involved made smart concessions. Our task was to get the best possible deal for my client, not for Chelsea or Inter. Romelu is paying us, not the clubs.

He refused to be sucked into speculation about what will happen to the player when the loan deal ends.

“He still has three years left on his contract. But no one can say anything about it.