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Has Amber Heard’s lawyer resigned? Here’s what we know

Jthe lawsuit that has the whole of the United States in which Johnny Depp sued ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 millionaccusing him of defamation because of an article that the star of Aquaman in the Washington Post in which she argued that she had been the victim of domestic violence during their marital relationship.

Amber Heard’s defense shows drug photos and a ‘passed out’ Johnny Depp

The lawsuit took a number of twists and turns, one of the latest being the rumor that Heard’s lead attorney, Elaine Bredehofthad quit after the actress was caught lying in the act in which she allegedly claimed she was using makeup to cover up injuries inflicted by Depp.

Elaine Bredehoft did not resign

However, the news of Bredehoft’s resignation is bogusit is well known that the litigant is totally focused on winning the case and that she is planning the best strategies to avoid the defamation that Depp claims.

This whole mess started when at last week’s hearing, Heard said she had used a cosmetic from the brand Milani Cosmetics to go to work and not have to show the serious injuries that her then husband would have caused her.

The Heard makeup scandal

The reason this argument turned out to be wrong is that the kit of products known as “All in one” of the Milani brand was only released in 2017, and the injuries Heard allegedly covered should have occurred in a period from 2012 to 2016, this after the cosmetics brand revealed this information to through a video posted by his TikTok account.

According to the initial report, this serious error caused the lawyer to decide not to pursue the case, however, this report is unfounded.