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‘Good thing you’re studying law Kim’: Fan troll Kim Kardashian’s legal career after Instagram scam forced her to file $40m lawsuit selling personal information to scammers

Keeping the Kardashians out of controversy is no easy task. Being part of the conversation is part of their family business (not to mention good for the show), even if it’s not in a good light. This is the source of their fame but has earned them much infamy. Kim Kardashian finds herself in a similar situation right now. She supposedly got greedy, and that greed seems to have caught up with her, AGAIN! And if the reports are true, Kim K could be in for a really big nightmare.

Lawsuit filed against Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick for fake lottery scam

Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick have been named in a lawsuit

Kim Kardashian, who recently revealed on The Late Late Show with James Corden that she pursues the law, finds herself on the wrong side of it. She was named in a $40 million class action lawsuit, along with Scott Disick.

The charge against them? Duping their fans for money and promoting a fake lottery. The lottery, which has been running since 2020, was hosted by a company called Curated Businesses.

Now it has emerged that it was all a scam and that the giveaways, which Kim K herself had been promoting, were all fake. Twitter seems to be happy that the famous name is getting a well-deserved award.

The winner was to win $100,000, a 3-night stay in Beverly Hills, and two first-class tickets to Los Angeles. They might evenshop like Kim Kardashian”. Poor guys. They got screwed over by Kim Kardashian.

The lawsuit also revealed that the real reason behind the lottery was something else entirely – to steal participants’ personal details.

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Participants were spammed with junk messages, now asking for compensation

Kim Kardashian giveaway item - alleged lottery scam
Kim K in big trouble for promoting the lottery

But the lawsuit does not claim that the participants returned empty-handed. He claims that all participants received one thing: unwanted messages. According to the lawsuit, people get “overrun with hundreds of advertisers, some of which solicit applicants with potentially offensive and unwanted content.“The document says,

“As little as 20 years ago, Oprah was handing out cars and cash. But today’s entertainment moguls seem to care only about getting richer and living an even more opulent lifestyle while fooling their fans and followers.

Although they deny the allegations, with organized businesses in particular being very active in clarifying the allegations against them, the clarifications have had little impact. Their claim that everything was legit and they had documentary evidence to show that the winners received their prizes, the lawsuit gained traction and listed the names of Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick and Curated Businesses as the main defendants.

Twitter calls this the best time for Kim Kardashian to put her legal knowledge to good use

Kim Kardashian has the law on her side
Twitter calls on Kim Kardashian to show off her legal skills

But Twitter claims Kim K can handle the pressure now. She will not be bogged down by claims and will fight to prove her innocence in court. She’s a budding lawyer after all. And she’s going to be a real one soon enough. So who would be better than her to take care of her case? Twitter went wild with jokes that claimed Kim Kardashian would put her knowledge of the law into practice to help “someone in need”. That was his goal after all, wasn’t it?

And if she can’t help it, it is indeed time for her “lawyer” partner to become her knight in shining armor.

For now, the outlook is not very certain for Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick and Curated Businesses, who still have a lot to do. It remains to be seen how the situation evolves.

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Source: Twitter