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Georgia Supreme Court disbars Rockdale County attorney Commissioner Sherri Washington

The Georgia Supreme Court has disbarred Rockdale County Commissioner Sherri Washington.

The court found that Washington knowingly breached its duties to three different clients, resulting in serious or potentially serious harm to all three.

FOX 5 I-Team Senior Reporter Dale Russell introduced one such client, Dashawn Mayweather, earlier this year.

Mayweather hired attorney Sherri Washington in March 2017 to help with a divorce. What happened next led to a complaint to the Georgia State Bar and ultimately Sherri Washington’s disbarment.

“I was relieved,” Mayweather said when she heard the news.

Mayweather says that in addition to relief, she had a strong sense of calm when she learned that the Georgia Supreme Court had disbarred Rockdale County Commissioner and Attorney – Sherri Washington

“I automatically had a sense of peace, knowing that she can’t do what’s happening to me and others / this will never happen to anyone else again,” Mayweather said.

In 2017, Dashawn Mayweather hired Sherri Washington to handle his divorce. She had a solid case. ‘Adultery’ her ‘husband had fathered a child’ with his girlfriend and ‘took nude photos and videos of Mayweather without his knowledge’

There was only one big problem. When it came time to go to trial, attorney Sherri Washington said nothing to her client and failed to show up for trial – not once but twice.

Mayweather didn’t know any of the trial dates until she reviewed the case herself at the courthouse.

According to a lawsuit she later filed, Mayweather found the judge ruled in her husband’s favor in the divorce case, denied Dashawn ‘alimony’ for part of the ‘retirement of her husband and ordered him to pay his attorney’s fees – $5,000.

Journalist: “What was your reaction?”

Mayweather: “I cried. I was at the Fulton County Courthouse and I cried.”

Mayweather eventually sued and won judgment from Sherri Washington for $48,000 plus costs. To get paid, she had to top Sherri Washington County Commission’s salary.

Dashawn Mayweather wasn’t done. She filed a Georgia State Bar petition against Sherri Washington in July 2019.

The Georgia Supreme Court considered Mayweather’s case along with two other cases and recently issued a decision.

The court found that Commissioner Washington “knowingly and intentionally violated her duties to her clients” and “that her conduct caused serious or potentially serious harm to her clients.”

Citing prior disciplinary issues, as well as a pattern of misconduct, the Supreme Court unanimously ordered Washington’s disbarment.

“The feeling is that I’m really glad the Supreme Court was very thorough. And made the right decision,” Mayweather said.

Sherri Washington did not respond to requests for comment from the I-Team. Although she is no longer a licensed attorney, she is still a Rockdale County Commissioner.

“I understand there is a difference between her as a lawyer and her position as county commissioner. However, when it comes to ethical practices, that goes across all positions,” Mayweather said.

Washington can file with the Georgia State Bar to have her attorney’s license reinstated, but she must wait at least five years.