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Florida Bar Activates Attorney Disciplinary Hotline Due to Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Nicole | News, Sports, Jobs

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Bar is activating its new disciplinary hotline with the impact of Hurricane Nicole and Hurricane Ian across the state. Floridians should call 833-979-8225 to report allegations of professional misconduct and unlawful solicitation by attorneys in the aftermath of Hurricane Nicole and Hurricane Ian last month.

Any contact by an attorney or attorney’s representative in person or by telephone requesting to handle a specific case is a direct violation of the Florida Bar’s disciplinary rules, unless the aggrieved party has requested the attorney’s contact. Florida Bar rules also prohibit attorneys from writing or emailing within 30 days of an accident or disaster unless they have been specifically asked to provide information.

As an official branch of the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida Bar is responsible for enforcing the Supreme Court’s Rules of Professional Conduct for more than 110,000 attorneys admitted to practice law in Florida. In this role, the Law Society and its Attorney Regulation Division administer the statewide disciplinary system, accepting complaints against attorneys and actively investigating all legitimate allegations of fraud and misconduct, including those recently formulated following Hurricane Ian. The Florida Supreme Court is the final arbiter of attorney disciplinary sanctions.

Each year, the Florida Bar opens approximately 3,400 cases for investigation, of which 200 to 300 result in disciplinary action.

The Florida Bar maintains rigorous procedures to regulate the conduct of attorneys, as established by the Florida Supreme Court, including the prevention of wrongdoing through proactive education and training, the pursuit of attorney sanctions, and the prosecution of attorneys. application of disciplinary measures. The Florida Bar also operates the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program, which has a toll-free hotline to resolve client-attorney issues.

Read the Florida Bar’s Attorney Discipline Guidelines for more information on the investigation and application process.

If you have evidence of attorney misconduct, call the Disciplinary Hotline now: 833-979-8225.