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Divorce Lawyer Exposes Top 5 Professions Women Should Avoid In A Husband

A divorce lawyer talked about the top five professions women should avoid in a husband, based on her experience.

Speaking to her TikTok account @jettiegirl28, the lawyer, who goes by the name “KK” on the app, shared her insights with her 52,000 followers.

She got the idea after recalling a time when a fellow lawyer gave her a statistic of professions to avoid when she started practicing family law 13 years ago.

The TikToker explained, “During my career, I have looked at my toughest cases. And surprisingly, many of them involve men in these five professions.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, KK herself warned that if you’re married to someone who does one of these jobs, it doesn’t mean your husband falls into this trend.

“I’m sure there are outliers and all kinds of statistics,” she said. “But just for fun, it’s generally something that I’ve observed to be quite common. What I’ve noticed among these five professions is that they tend to be more narcissistic, they have tend to be more controlling, and when I tell you the professions, you’ll see why.

KK continued, “They tend to be a lot harder to deal with a divorce. They have a sort of “nuke the earth, you know, burn the earth, how dare you challenge me” approach to litigation.

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Now that’s settled, let’s get to it – the top five occupations to avoid in a husband, based on his experience and in no particular order.

First she mentions the fire department, something she “never really understood”, but it’s up there, followed by the policeman, the army, the surgeon and the pilot – oddly enough, these are all fairly common professions that people want to go into when they are kids. .

Wondering why men in these roles tend to be his toughest cases, KK said, “If you look at these professions, what do they all have in common? They all have in common that the men of these professions are gods in their profession, right?

“You are a policeman, you walk around with a gun, you walk around with authority. If you’re a surgeon, you walk around the hospital – everyone admires you, you’re responsible, everyone treats you with respect. And then you come home and all of a sudden someone asks you to take out the trash. I think it’s a difficult transition to make.

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“Pilots, in particular, when you look at pilots, you go to the air force, to the military. They control the lives of 150-200 people at a time. They are treated with enormous respect and they have a lot of responsibilities. And they tend to be very narcissistic and very controlling.

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She concluded by saying, “I’m sure there are definitely great ones in these professions, but that’s just a theme I see. So [I’m] curious to hear comments on this.

You can bet there has been some serious feedback, with thousands of people taking to the comments section to share their experiences.

“My brother (a cop) told me never to marry a cop (didn’t listen) divorcing,” wrote one user, while another said, “All pilots with whom my friends went out cheated”.

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Another commented: ‘I have divorced a surgeon and can confirm this is true.

Others shared other professions to add to the list, including this person who wrote, “I would add personal trainers lol,” with another stating, “You need to put investment bankers on the list . Highly intelligent, money maker, narcissistic.