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Disbarred Lancaster lawyer will not serve additional jail time for defrauding clients | New

A federal judge has ordered a disbarred Lancaster lawyer to pay compensation after pleading guilty to conspiring to defraud her clients and the US government, without imposing additional time behind bars.

Christi Anne Misocky was indicted by a federal grand jury in March 2020 on six counts related to conspiracy to commit fraud, court records show.

Misocky conspired from 2017 to 2019 with two acquaintances – Howard Everett Anderson and George Dusean Norman, both of Rock Hill – to use his client’s personal information to pass counterfeit and forged titles.

Misocky attempted in October 2018 to use a fraudulent driver’s license and social security card at a North Charleston car dealership, the indictment alleges. The following month, she used two forged checks totaling $21,000 to purchase a new vehicle from another North Charleston dealership.

His law firm specializes in adoption and real estate, according to his LinkedIn. She said she was a valedictorian at the Charlotte School of Law, which closed in 2019 after failing to qualify for federal student loan funding, according to a local TV report.

Drugs and alcohol led the former lawyer down a path of deceit and crime, according to information provided during Misocky’s sentencing hearing Oct. 28 in U.S. District Court in Charleston.

The 50-year-old, whose blonde hair was pulled back in a bun, told the judge she was “drowning in drugs and alcohol” at the time of the plot. She said she had been sober for over three years.

Assistant United States District Attorney Winston Holliday recommended a non-custodial sentence, noting that Misocky was remorseful about his crimes and was open with the government.

Misocky entered into a plea deal on July 6, 2021, whereby she pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy in exchange for the five other federal charges being dismissed. His co-defendants have since also pleaded guilty.

The SC Supreme Court struck out Misocky in January. The North Carolina State Bar suspended her license to practice law in the state in 2021 after Misocky failed to comply with their investigation into more than a dozen grievances filed against her dating back to 2017.

District Judge Richard M. Gergel ordered Misocky during his sentencing hearing to pay approximately $5,000 in restitution to his former clients. Gergel noted that Misocky’s crimes amounted to “gross negligence on the part of an attorney,” but said she had already faced consequences – including disbarment and 73 days in county jail.

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“It’s in his past and not in his future,” Gergel said.

As part of his sentence, Misocky must undergo drug testing and attend mental health and addiction treatment programs.

Misocky told the hearing that she has no plans to reapply to the bar. The former attorney now works at Target, where she said she was up for a promotion.