Lawyer course

Develop reading, writing, discussion, skills to become a successful lawyer

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): “You have to develop the skills of reading, writing, discussion and thinking to become a successful lawyer. The situation of legal education was totally different – ​​and people’s thinking was also different – ​​when I chose to become a lawyer, but I took it as a challenge. Every lawyer should have a sense of serving the needy to get justice,” said Supreme Court Justice of India JK Maheshwari. He was addressing Saturday as the chief guest of the inauguration program of the College of Law of Sri Aurobindo University.

Justice Maheshwari also expressed concern about the lack of knowledge of cyber law and corporate law among lawyers and said that legal institutes need to focus on the issue while lawyers also need to hone their skills in these areas.

“Covid-19 has brought many major changes to our field and taught us better how to use technology,” he said, while appreciating the shift to live telecasting of court proceedings which can be helpful for lawyers. lower courts to learn best practices.

Former Supreme Court Justice Deepak Verma; former Chief Justice of the High Court of Rajasthan, Justice VS Kokje; Indian Institute of Law, Professor Manoj Sinha from New Delhi; Chancellor Dr. Manjushri Bhandari; Pro-Chancellors Dr Mohit Bhandari and Dr Mahak Bhandari; and Vice-Chancellor Dr Jyoti Bindal were also on the program.

In his address, Justice Deepal Verma said that only 20% of new lawyers appear in court, while 80% of them join multinational or corporate law firms. Dr. Kokje also spoke about the difference in legal education around 50 years ago and today.

Dr. Manjushri Bhandari and Dr. Mahak Bhandari talked about Aurobindo University and the courses it offers.

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