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Dentons lawyer wins Christmas quiz

Money is chosen, again. No offense taken, again.

A Dentons lawyer was crowned smartest brainbox by winning the RollOnFriday Christmas quiz.

Despite RollOnFriday’s readership of hardly any real thick, only 31 respondents answered all 12 questions correctly / could be required to re-read the Year’s Review article. This week, RollOnFriday linked each of their names to individual hamsters and placed all of the pet rodents in a giant hamster ball. A RollOnFriday intern placed her hand in the ball, and the first hamster to bite on her pinky was named after the winner, which was (drumbeat) … Georgina Kirkwood, a TMT associate at Dentons.

With the choice of £ 100 or a lunch with the RollOnFriday team, Georgina went for the money because of the possibility that the Omicron wave will never end (and nothing, of course, to do with the prospect of having lunch with the ROF team).

“I am delighted and very honored to have won the ROF Christmas Quiz,” said Georgina. “I hope this is not the peak of my legal career and the limits of my business conscience, but it is an accomplishment. Please fill my inbox with the lightest news and developments in the legal market every year. week.” Georgina gets top marks again for her commentary.

Here are the answers, taken from 12 of the Biggest, Best, and Weirdest Stories of 2021:

1. What did Clyde & Co give staff so they could indicate how careful they were with Covid?

– Stickers with emojis.
– Desktop maps with a scale of 1 to 10.
– Traffic light colored bracelets.
– Enamel badges with exclamation marks.

2. The CEO of Dentons was praised for canceling a meeting and doing what instead?

– Comfort a crying intern.
– Watch your children play football.
– Volunteer in a soup kitchen.
– Play golf with Colin Montgomerie.

3. A Trowers & Hamlins intern was assaulted after the company asked him to take on what task?

– Have an excavator stop digging outside the office.
– Make a formal notice to a bouncer.
– Serve papers on a man who had arranged the defenestration of a judge.
– Give advice to the squatters in Hackney.

4. How was an Allen & Overy associate caught engaging in “inappropriate conduct” with a junior colleague?

– His camera was left on after a Zoom call with a customer.
– He was spotted by colleagues when his office door accidentally opened.
– He was heard in the meeting room next door.
– It was filmed through a window by a member of the public.

5. DWF’s former managing partner in the Middle East is suing the company for various claims, including which of the following allegations?

– The firm overcharged him several times in the office canteen.
– A barrier damaged his Range Rover in the office parking lot.
– The company has not canceled its corporate mobile telephony plan.
– He tripped on a loose cable in the office and injured himself.

6. Nuclear industry lawyer sparked national security investigation after trying to seduce engaged woman on Twitter, what public tweet?

– “Alas, I can’t stop!” I fell in love with you over lunch that day and have never stopped loving you since.
– “I’ll wait as long as it takes … even though we’re both well over 90!”
– “I don’t care about your fiancé, only you!”
– All the foregoing.

7. Hardwicke Chambers renamed himself because of his uneasiness about bearing the name of an advocate of the slave trade. What’s his new name?

– Rooms of the gatehouse.
– Hale Chambers.
– Bridgestone rooms.
– Griffin Chambers.

8. A junior lawyer, Claire Matthews, was struck off for lying about what mistake?

– Serve a freezing order on the wrong party.
– Leave a work case on a train.
– Have a complaint written off when it has missed a deadline.
– Accidental shredding of an important document.

9. Law students have called for a boycott of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher for acting on a case they allege …

– Went “against the ethics of the MeToo movement”.
– Defended “police brutality in Compton, LA”.
– Brought “musical royalties to Gary Glitter”.
– Resulted in “the incursion of the sacred land of the Sioux”.

10. What title did a Freeths associate give themselves on a slide, during a presentation at a corporate conference?

– The “Banter management partner”.
– The ‘Tiger King of Law’.
– The ‘National Chief of Porn’.
– The ‘Don Juan of Real Estate’.

11. Which law firm pays the highest salary of £ 153,000 to its NQs?

– Cleary Gottlieb Steen and Hamilton.
– Vinson & Elkins.
– Shearman & Sterling.
– Womble Bond Dickinson.

12. What is the name of the new dating app for the legal community?

– Attorney.
– Attorney
– Solicitor.
– Shameless pluggr.

Well done to everyone who took the quiz, even Richard who scored 3.