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Crypto lawyer Kyle Roche withdraws from lawsuits against Tether, Binance and others

Top crypto attorney Kyle Roche has withdrawn from multiple class action lawsuits against Binance and other major crypto firms, just days after leaked videos were released in which he discussed his dealings with crypto clients around the world. ‘a glass.

Roche was the attorney in cases brought against companies such as Tether, Bitfinex, Tron Foundation, HDR Global Trading (which operates as BitMEX) and Binance, all major players in the crypto space. new cOur documents reveal that the lawyer today filed motions to withdraw from several cases. According to filings, Roche is opting out of its own firm’s class action practice, although the practice will continue.

The move comes after self-proclaimed whistleblower website Crypto Leaks published videos showing Roche discussing its close relationship with Ava Labs, the company behind the Avalanche blockchain. The website alleged that Roche was paid to harm Avalanche competitors like Solana.

Kyle Roche written on Medium on Monday that the videos were “illegally obtained, highly edited video clips that are not presented with accurate context” and were part of a “deliberate plan to intoxicate, then exploit me, using leading questions”.

As noted Bloomberg Law, Roche launched his firm Roche Freedman three years ago with other former firm Boies Schiller. David Boies is best known for portraying Al Gore in Gore vs. Bush in 2000, and more recently has represented a host of controversial clients including DraftKings, Theranos and Harvey Weinstein.

Meanwhile, Ava Labs founder and CEO Emin Gün Sirer called the Crypto Leaks claim ‘obvious nonsense’ and ‘lies’ – and denied having a relationship with Kyle Roche. The two previous “cases” published on Crypto Leaks, both in June, involved allegedly unfair attacks on the Dfinity blockchain project.

Roche and Roche Freedman Law Firm did not respond to Decryptrequest for comment.

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