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Buchanan’s lawyer complains Antonio Brown was released too soon

Antonio Brown He got what he wanted. If he doesn’t.

The Buchananers released Brown on Thursday, after Brown and his lawyer aggressively demanded the ruling. For example, they complained on social media that he was “trapped”.

Now? Brown’s lawyer complains that the group released him too early.

Via Rick Strout Tampa Bay weatherSean Burstin maintains that the committee has scheduled a medical meeting for Brown Thursday morning “after normal working hours” with a doctor in New York. The plan was for Brown to see a team-selected orthopedic specialist, but instead, Bucks released Brown, with the appointment. The excuse to cut Brown.

“We were planning an appointment with the doctor Bucks selected [the Hospital for Special Surgery] When we found out on Twitter that Bucks fired Antonio on Thursday, ”Burstin told Strude. “On Wednesday night, Bucks devised a fictional plan to create a way for Antonio to get through. They arbitrarily chose a meeting time outside of normal business hours on Thursday morning. We immediately spoke to the doctor and asked if he could review the latest MRI scans and reschedule to normal and reasonable times. When the doctor told us he hadn’t seen the photos and would like to see us under normal circumstances, we resumed planning. Once again, Bucks fired Antonio for failing to attend a scheduled medical appointment again later today (and, yes, we have the books to prove it.)

“Bucks has selected own play ability over time. Stating the reason for the shutdown of the AP is the result of an excuse. They did this because they knew it [coach] Putting Bruce Arians AP on the ground is illegal. So they tried to cover it up, their last dirty trick: a “surprise attack” medical service they didn’t think AB should get.

If Brown weren’t a trade unionist, that would be very relevant and important. ) It will be available in the court system. Brown will receive everything he deserves from the Buccaneers through his salary; There is nothing else to pursue.

Burstin doesn’t get this, or he prefers a free ad that comes hours before it happens when his client talks about a decision that is clearly being elicited on social media.

Technically, players cannot be freed when injured. But it will happen. In doing so, the player and the team negotiate a so-called injury solution, estimating the number of weeks they should reach to the point where they can recover to their health and replay. In the absence of agreement on the matter, a formal complaint is filed. Ultimately, the referee decides if the player is injured enough that they cannot play and when they are healthy.

According to Brown, he had a week on the one-year contract he signed off season. Without the cup, he would have become a free agent in March. And since he was only reduced on Thursday, he will receive his game check for the 18th week.

So even if Bucks technically breaks the collective agreement, Brown has no way of financially recovering. He cannot continue. (Well, he can – but it won’t last long.) He dangles from Burstin and has no home to fall into.