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Alberta Crown prosecutors will get a pay raise

Alberta has approved a pay increase for Crown prosecutors to make salaries more competitive with other Canadian jurisdictions, which it says is key to ensuring the “best and brightest” are in the job. work.

The province met with the Alberta Crown Attorneys Association throughout April over concerns about a number of issues, including prosecutors’ compensation. As a result, a comprehensive analysis of market rates across the country was carried out, which showed that prosecutors’ compensation was significantly lower in Alberta.

And now, Alberta Crown prosecutors will receive market adjustments to make their compensation competitive with other provinces and the federal prosecution service.

Attorney General Tyler Shandro

“I would like to thank the Alberta Crown Attorneys Association for their advocacy on behalf of Alberta Crown attorneys,” Justice Minister Tyler Shandro said. “Compensating Alberta Crown attorneys at market rates is essential to ensuring we have the best and brightest at work pursuing criminal prosecutions on behalf of Albertans. »

The province said it will work with the Alberta Crown Attorneys Association over the coming months on a framework to establish a “strong working relationship.” Additional supports for Crown prosecutors will be explored, including examining the possibility of having mental health professionals specializing in trauma and post-traumatic stress on call.

“We are working to bring our per capita spending in line with other provinces,” said Finance Minister Travis Toews. “It also means that Alberta Crown Prosecution Service salaries are competitive, so that we can retain and attract the most experienced and skilled prosecutors to move criminal cases through the courts and ensure that our justice system serves Albertans.”

In its 2020 budget, Alberta committed to hire 50 new Crown prosecutors over three years, and the province said there were 35 more prosecutors than in 2019. The province also has more than doubled the number of articling positions (from less than 10 to 20) as part of growing the ranks of Alberta prosecutors and filling vacancies.

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